Latest Congressional attack on the Internet – Updated

Latest Congressional attack on the Internet – Updated

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Damnit I went to look for video’s to help explain what CIAPA was all about;



Update– closer examination of the Seizure Notice indicates several discrepancies (knowingly or unknowingly?  terror-mongering?)  a check of the internet did not turn up US Terror Attorney’s Office ..  23 USC #981 # 714 “23 USC #981 and 714(c)” – 23 USC is about highways, and it only goes up to #610. (18 USC #981 actually is about civil forfeiture.) 

As I was unable to verify the seals or the other organizations mentioned on the notice.  It appears this was a Hoax on the part of Disclose TV

Google was indicating that Disclose TV had a video posted about the bill, they probably did..  A quick check confirmed that the site has indeed been taken down  How ever

BREAKING: Disclose TV has been taken!

5 hours ago – has been taken by the DHS!  [link to]. I’m a Libertarian Constitutionalist. I don’t give a shit what you do with your own life 

DISCLOSE.TV.COM Seized by the Feds‎ – Apr 14, 2012
New URL for disclose tv‎ – Apr 14, 2012 Seized by International forces.‎ – Apr 14, 2012
Disclose TV‎ – Apr 14, 2012

I don’t know if this is how the government plans to stop opposition to it’s various schemes to control the Internet, or if there is another reason they they took down Disclose TV— The question needs to be answered–if it’s not a hoax

Congress is determined to get some kind of control over the Internet, and they don’t care what the public thinks of the idea because big money campaign contributors want it.  That  and because they are terrified of the power the Internet gives voters.  Members of Congress are used to being able to pass legislation that benefits their contributors by saying my constituents were telling me they approve. That’s really hard to do with a million posts on the Internet from their constituents saying,  “WTF do you think you’re doing?”

Congress was  smart enough to kill SOPA and PITA after the public outcry. The voter revolt over those two pieces of legislation were enough to convince Obama not to even think about presenting ACTA to the Senate for ratification. It wouldn’t have just been Republicans saying he needed to be deported to Kenya, it would’ve been his core base as well.

A soon as the public screaming quieted down they were back behind closed doors with big business trying to work out something that would convince business to finance ther campaigns without getting them tarred and feathered by the voters.  The result is something called Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act or CISPA

According to Jared NewmanPCWorld   CISPA isn’t anywhere near as bad as SOPA, PITA and ACTA and it’s not designed to do the same thing– maybe he writes in CISPA Monitoring Bill: Just the Facts

The bill’s sponsors, Reps. Mike Rogers, R-Michigan and Dutch Ruppersberger, D-Maryland, arguethat the government wants to help companies fend off cyberattacks from foreign countries and hackers, but lacks the legal means to do so. CISPA would allow the government and businesses to communicate more freely.

Yep it sounds alright, but the sponsors skip over the fact both the Department of Justice and Homeland Security have demonstrated time and time again they have the ability to take down websites and even entire ISP’s anytime they want.  Immediately following the SOPA protests the DOJ took down Megadownloads and a year or so before that, the Department of Homeland Security took out 84,000 innocent websites when they targeted half a dozen illegal porn sites..  If they can already deprive 14,000 people the use of their property for every suspected bad guy– I’m not thinking they need any more power to abuse.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union the wording in CISPA  that’s supposed to protect American Citizens is vague enough to be interpreted in ways that are much different then the bills sponsors claim.  At best that leaves the door open to unintended consequences, at worst it means someone is lying.  From the ACLU website:

H.R. 3523, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), promoted as a measure to counter cyber attacks, would allow the NSA to collect the internet records of people who are not suspected of doing anything wrong. This unprecedented and broadly worded bill clears the way for internet providers, wireless carriers, and websites to share your personal information with military spy agencies.

To add credence to the opion of the ACLU and other folks without a lot of faith in the good intentions of big business or politicians– we’ll never know the law is being used–  The law was written with wording that exempts it from the Freedom of Information Act..


The American Public will never know who is accessing their personal information or why–

Facebbook and Google could be encouraged to share your personal information with government and other to big to fail corporations.

Time to break out the virtual tar buckets;  Online protests start April 23rd.





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  • No really, you can trust us with this power. We won’t abuse it. We’ve never been known to get a little power now and grab for more later. I mean, after all, there’s no one in government that would like criticism of them to stop. And we’re not fishing for more campaign donations from businesses looking for a favor. That’s beneath all of us. Please don’t question our sincerity, we’re public servants.

    Give me a break.

  • Who Won

    that the government wants to help companies fend off cyberattacks from foreign countries and hackers, but lacks the legal means to do so. CISPA would allow the government and businesses to communicate more freely…

    We’re from the government and we’re here to help?

    It should be up to each business to take care of their security in my opinion.

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