Tuesday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headline News

Tuesday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headline News

CAIR – Bassem Khafagi – The Muslim Brotherhood

floridapoliticalpress.com – By Alan KornmanThe Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has announced former CAIR Director Dr. Bassem Khafagi will be running for President of Egypt. Let’s explore why this mainstream news non-event is such…


UK can send Islamist cleric to face U.S. trial

reuters.com – By Gilbert Reilhac STRASBOURG, France | Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:15am EDT STRASBOURG, France (Reuters) – Britain can extradite its most notorious Islamist cleric to the United States to stand trial on c…


Dallas teen’s death should send a message, neighbor says

texasfred.net – Dallas teen’s death should send a message, neighbor says DALLAS — On Monday evening, there was a steady stream of people in and out of the southeast Dallas home where 14-year-old Luis Avila lived w…


News from The Associated Press

hosted.ap.org – BEIRUT (AP) — Syria did away with 50 years of emergency rule Tuesday, but emboldened and defiant crowds accused President Bashar Assad of simply trying to buy time while he clings to power in one …


Committee On Oversight & Government Reform

oversight.house.gov – WASHINGTON – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., today announced a hearing examining last week’s General Services Administration Inspector General repor…


Franklin Schooled Paine In The “Age of Reason”

talonspoint.wordpress.com – Since the humanist left tirelessly labors to indoctrinate us with the narrative that we were not founded as a Christian nation, (yes I’ve read the individual quotes by some founders), often worship…


Sticks And Stones | A Bear’s Rant

bearsrant.blogspot.ca – photo: community of children.orgSince starting this blog a few months ago, I have received many compliments about what I’ve written which I appreciate although am not convinced are deserved. I have…


Feds call bankrupt energy firm an ’empty shell’

washingtontimes.com – Not yet two years after the Department of Energy awarded $43 million in loan guarantees for Beacon Power’s energy storage plant, government attorneys are calling the bankrupt solar company and its …


Obama’s rhetoric more ‘petulance than presidential’

conservativedailynews.com – Asked why President Obama was targeting the congressman’s budget as a “Trojan horse” and “social Darwinism,” Ryan dismissed the president’s critiques. “You know, we’ve gotten kind of used to this s…


The Investigative Project on Terrorism

investigativeproject.org – They represent the new political power in Cairo, and given their performances in public events in Washington last week, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party has the art of doublespeak…


Load of Crap? Obama Admin Invests $5M in Cow Manure

theblaze.com – “If at first you don’t succeed, double down…” It’s no secret that by funding various “green” energy initiatives with taxpayer money, the Department of Energy (DOE) has engulfed itself in a cloud of…


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