Could you live in this house

Could you live in this house

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Sustainable, the elitist’s new politically correct code word for telling others how they should live

According to the Post article Boulder Tiny House: Colo. Couple Build Simple, Sustainable 125 Square Foot Home the size of the average in the United States has doubled over the last 40 years. From personal experience, I agree. I sold building materials for a good part of that 40 years.  Houses that seemed huge when I first started supplying stuff, became commonplace. I used to wonder why two people one cat and no children would want to clean, maintain and pay taxes on a 4400 ft.² house.

I laughed at one builder who should’ve known better. He built himself an 8000 ft.² house with five bedrooms, all with their own bath and two with their own sitting room.  His grew up, but refused to move out..

He and his wife never had a live-in maid, but he built the house with a maid’s apartment that had a bedroom, sitting room, kitchenette and bathroom. His daughter moved into the maid’s apartment with her fiancee. His son compared his bedroom, with its own the living room and bath to whatis it would cost him to an rent apartment I have to cook and clean for himself. It was no contest, mom’s home cooking won.

Some people may be going too far the other way, I would hate to try this with kids underfoot.  Most Trailer Park housing is bigger

Boulder Tiny House: Colo. Couple Build Simple, Sustainable 125 Square Foot Home

Could you live in only 125 square feet? That’s exactly what a Boulder, Colo. couple are doing now that they have completed building their brand new, tiny home from scratch.

Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller spent 10 months building all 125 square feet of their dream home and documented the entire experience on their blogon Facebook and in a short documentary about tiny homes titled, “TINY: A Story About Living Small.”

Smith and Mueller spoke about their inspiration to build a tiny home in their Kickstarter video, a campaign they used to help raise money to cover the costs of post-production for the “TINY” documentary.

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