Obama’s campaign strategy, voter fraud and funny money

Obama’s campaign strategy, voter fraud and funny money

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Obama wants your votes and contributions, legally or otherwise……..




The Obama administration continues to violate federal immigration law, and the will of Congress by making it easier and easier for illegal aliens to remain in the United States. It also looks like they are working overtime to enable illegals to vote and contribute money to the Obama campaign.

At the same time they are aggressively attacking laws in various states that require voter identification. They had ignored enforcing requirements that states purge their voter rolls of people who passed away or have moved out of the district. In some states the voter rolls are incredibly out of date. You don’t need to be terribly smart to figure out that outdated voter information and no identification requirements enable voter fraud.



I’m seeing  reports from various bloggers that the Obama Campaign is going out of its way to solicit illegal donations.

In Obama Campaign Contribution Fraud Continues  Pamela Geller at Atlas shrugs reports that she donated as Don Corleone, with an address on Godfather Way, Sleeps With The Fishes, New York.  She reports another person donated using the name:

Adolph Hitler,  123 Nuremburg Way, Berlin, Germany, and for good measure put in Dictator of Nazi Party as employer. Got an email back saying Dear Adolph, Thank you for your generous donation….Dick

Read Obama Campaign Contribution Fraud Continues

Geller reports the Obama polled the same stunt in 2008 and it resulted in a great deal of money pouring in from people and countries unfriendly to the US.  In my opinion this opens the door to National Security Issues.  It could it explain the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood on Obama’s staff.

We know he was caught accepting money from the brothers of a wanted Cartel Drug Trafficker, could that explain how money to fund Fast and Furious found it’s way into the Stimulus Laws, as it’s own line item.. We know that he recently put a LaRaza activist on the White House Staff.. LaRaza believes that anyone born in the Western Hemisphere is automatically entitled to citizenship rights in the United States..  The Organization is known for helping Hispanics break the law.

Over on Powerline, John Hinderacker wrote a piece titled Dubious Donations Illustrated (Illegal Contributor Edition) and describes a contribution he made

…...to the Donate to Obama page and identified myself as Illegal Contributor. I entered my address as Cell Block 13, State Penitentiary, Stillwater MN. I identified my employer as Minnesota Penal System and my occupation as Inmate.

Once again  the Campaign responded with a nice thank you note, you can read about it here Dubious Donations Illustrated (Illegal Contributor Edition)

Both sites explain exactly how the Obama campaign people intentionally  disabled security verification for credit card approval, making it possible for a person to donate as much as they want as often as they want and do it anonymously, from anywhere in the world.

Both sites tried the same stunt with other campaigns and were turned down..

Only Obama would accept obviously questionable contributions.  Why shouldn’t he, he got away with it before, Congress knows about it, they don’t seem to care.



Why should he?





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