Huge cache of military weapons seized, MSM silent

Huge cache of military weapons seized, MSM silent

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Let me start with a disclaimer:

I was unable to verify the accuracy of this report. It came to be by way of a Grumpy Opinions Contributor,  in this case the name of the contributor is probably best kept anonymous.  The contributor received the information in an email and passed it on to me.  I was able to locate one other website that had exactly the same e-mail posted. The other website America Under Seize also chose to not to reveal whoever they received e-mail from.  I was able to locate copies of the e-mail on a couple other sites but they were clearly very poorly done copy and paste jobs.

The Raid is reported to have occurred March 2nd of this year..

Update— 01-04-2012 2350hrs edt

Lady Raven found several of the same photo’s posted on the Website Above Top Secret— thier post is dated 21-06-2010 and claims

This seizure was May 2010. Located in Higueras, Mexico!



This is the 2nd raid this year  this one took place on 3/2/12 at 3 am  Border Patrol, USA  Mexican Patrol and AZ swat teams and Sheriff undercover agents.  I worked with one of the agents Dad for 25+ years and he sent these pictures this afternoon.  2 of the stolen SUV’s came from Calif.
Anybody want to boycott Arizona ? Why was there no news coverage of this raid on the Arizona border???
Not a mention on ABC – CBS – NBC – MSNBC – or CNN news!
These photos and reports come from a Spanish language news source.
Thank God for the border patrol and that they did not allow this to get in.
Stash of assault rifles.  (Grenade Launchers in pix center!)

Enough ammunition to outfit a small army was confiscated.
Military caps and equipment were among the cache of weapons.
All types of assault weapons were among the cache



Many were military grade weapons with plenty of ammo.




It was a major asenal of weapons including grenade launchers.

(Seen a little to the right of center picture.)


Not only weapons, but also vehicles believed to have been stolen were found at the site.


One smuggler was killed during the operation when he fired on the border patrol agents.


See cellular phones!


Arizona does not require a “Front” license plate!



Numerous Police style bullet proof vests were found in one vehicle.



More than 200 large weapons were confiscated along with about 30 smaller arms


2 grenade launchers were among the cache


It appears these guys intended to portray themselves as police officers or military men.


Each and every vehicle checked had been reported Stolen in the USA in the recent past! $380,000 worth Of stolen vehicles were recovered.



More than 60 grenades of varrying size were found Arabic writing was found on them.



Numerous Hand guns with loaded clips were also found in the cache.



A single grenade like this could bring $5,000  On the streets of the USA .
Each of these weapons could be sold for as much as $5,000 on the black market in the USA .
More than 80 stolen cell phones were found.  These could be used for detonating bombs remotely.
Still more rifles were found stuffed in several SUV’s
Clips loaded with live bullets were just too numerous to count
Why would  anyone to object to protecting our borders after they have seen this???
Our own Federal Government intends to sue Arizona over their law. But the Federal law reads almost word for word the same as Arizona’s. Problem is, the Federal Government refuses to enforce the law.Sorta makes you wonder who our real enemies really are……………..Doesn’t it?


The weapons sure as hell appear to be real, unless this is a movie set or someone went to a lot of time and expense just to set up a photo shoot my guess is they are legitimate.

It is unclear whether the stuff was headed North or South..  Many of the weapons appear to be  Russian  and Chinese– The lettering on the grenades was Arabic

One thing is clear, this stuff was not purchased across the counter at a gun shop … I’ve never asked but I don’t think they sell frag grenades and grenade launchers

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