Obamacare the Democrats Folly (w/video for liberals)

Obamacare the Democrats Folly (w/video for liberals)

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It’s always nice to be able to say “I Told You So”, even if it is considered very bad manners to actually do it. Sometimes I have bad manners.




During the two years that Obama care was argued by Congress, Conservative Americans tried to warn Congress the law was blatantly unconstitutional and most likely would not survive when it was put in front of the Supreme Court. Constitutionally there was too much wrong with the law for it not to be taken to court. For the last three days the law has been debated in front of the United States Supreme Court.

Investors Business Daily as one of the best short articles Court Likely To Overturn ObamaCare After Hearings

 After three days of listening to the government make its case for ObamaCare, one thing is clear: The individual mandate has no constitutional basis or justification, and the entire law should be struck down.

We almost felt sorry for Donald Verrilli, the solicitor general who had to defend the constitutionally indefensible. Over three days of intense interrogation by nine Supreme Court justices, Verrilli failed to muster a single coherent, reasonable argument in support of the ObamaCare law’s constitutionality.

Instead, his shambling, unfocused talking points left the government case in disarray — underscoring what a poorly conceived, badly designed law this was in the first place, and why it must be overturned.

In Verrilli’s defense, we don’t think even Clarence Darrow could have defended a law that runs so afoul of the Constitution’s clear limits on government power.

Read all of:  Court Likely To Overturn ObamaCare After Hearings

Obama’s  Democrats forgot about the last part of the old saying:  “You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time”.  The initial hype sounded good all Americans were going to have “Affordable Healthcare”. Most rank and file Democrats assumed that meant free healthcare.

Didn’t take long for Conservatives and Republicans asked who was going to pay for “Free”.

Americans were told that the cost of healthcare would go down,  A couple weeks into the debate the line became the cost of healthcare will be contained. It didn’t take long for that language change to the cost of health care will increase more slowly. Not much after that all discussions about controlling costs vanished from the narrative entirely.  Democrats hoped that would go unnoticed, it didn’t.

There were certain features that some Americans found attractive, taken as a whole they did not like the law. The most objectionable part of the law is the mandate that required all Americans to purchase health insurance as a condition of citizenship.  It looks like the Supreme Court confirm my belief that the average American knows more about how the Constitution is supposed to work in the average elected lawmaker. They damn sure know more about the subject than the guy living in the White House


If they weren't running before, they will be now


After spending two the first two years of his term whining about GOP Obstructionism Obama is now saying his Health Care Bill had Bipartisan Support in Congress

The leadership of the Republican Party has any smarts whatsoever sometime between now and mid summer they will hire a team of account’s figure out exactly how much money was wasted by the Democrats on Obama care. Without knowing what the final dollar value is it will rank in the top 10 as one of most expensive political follies in American history.

If I remember correctly it costs roughly $6 billion a year for Congress to operate. For almost 2 years Congress did very little except fight over an unconstitutional law. The president log thousands of hours on Air Force One trying to promote his health care scheme it costs roughly $180,000 an hour to fly that plane.

The White House spent a fortune on marketing, television ads, newspaper and Internet advertising just to get the law passed. Then they spent another fortune over the next two years trying to convince Americans they loved a law they didn’t even like and many absolutely hated.

We have no idea how much was spent on accountants who were willing to manipulate enough numbers so the administration and Congressional Leaders could plausibly lie about the real cost to taxpayers.

Just the cost of a wasted two years of Congress runs into the billions, it’d do much else during those two years except pass the Failed Stimulus Bill.  Now it is time for Democrats to explain the wasted time effort and cost the American taxpayers


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