Scared of Black Panthers, college boots out Zimmerman

Scared of Black Panthers, college boots out Zimmerman

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PJ Tatler at Pajamas Media is reporting that Black Panther Threats Get Hispanic Man Kicked Out of College.  The Hispanic, the now very infamous George Zimmerman was white, when his name first hit the newspapers, but then the media took a closer look at Zimmerman’s pictures. At that point they realized it was half Hispanic. Not wanting to change the theme that Trayvon Martin’s killing had been carried out by anyone except a white racist George Zimmerman became a White-Hispanic.

Seminole College dumped Zimmerman because his presence and notoriety posed a threat to other students. As as a practical matter, this could very well be true. The New Black Panthers have announced they are raising a 10,000 man army to search out and lynch make that arrest Zimmerman. They claim they’re going to turn him over to authorities. Since there are no warrants out for him, and since no government agency has any court authority to hold him there is no one to turn them over to. Except the undertaker.  It is highly likely innocent students could be harmed if the New Black Panthers try and carry out their threat.

Seminole College belongs to the state of Florida.  We Now Have A Terrorist Organization Dictating School Policies To The State. In Black Panther Threats Get Hispanic Man Kicked Out of College. PJ Tatler seems to believe that dealing with that should be the responsibility of President Obama and US Atty. Gen. Eric Holder.  Here’s where I start disagree with PJ Tatler, the Panthers have not yet organized an army. They have done is threaten insurrection, and shown in intention and plan to to execute an insurrection. That crosses the line between free-speech and it best inciting to riot, possibly it borders on treason. Treason and terrorism are federal matters, rioting or inciting a riot is a state matter.

Besides, if you recall, Barack Obama appointed Van Jones to his Administration knowing he had very close ties to the New Black Panthers.

Regardless of how you feel about Zimmerman and the Trayvon Martin Killing, Terrorist  run lynch mobs cannot be allowed to dictate to the government, disrupt communities or endanger lives and property.


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