Trayvon Martin, facts, myths and publicity hounds

Trayvon Martin, facts, myths and publicity hounds

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It seems like everyone to country knows what happened to Trayvon Martin ta little after 7 PM on the night of Feb. 26. Actually it seems more like everyone thinks they know what happened. They know that George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. It is mainstream media’s favorite type of crime, because it stirs up the passions of the liberal community.

The media has had a field day with the killing, and predictably it’s stirred up a lot of anger, in some cases hatred. George Zimmerman has been for portrayed as a racist vigilante out to kill an innocent black kid.  The media reports would seem to back up that contention, I’m not so sure the facts agree. We’ll get to that in a minute…

It is fairly safe to assume that George Zimmerman would have liked to of been a police officer. When his community wanted to set up a local watch due to a high number of robberies he was the first step forward. Over the last six years he has placed 42 calls to 911. The 911 call he placed about Trayvon Martin initially didn’t sound like it should be a police matter. Somebody was walking around in the rain. People do that, for any number of reasons, for all Zimmerman knew the guy he was watching it just had a disagreement with his girlfriend, I was walking around to cool off. Or it might have been someone would made a quick trip to the local 711 two buy some candy and soda. Either way it was not any Zimmerman’s business. The guy was doing nothing wrong……… except possibly in Zimmerman’s mind.

There’ve been a number of accounts about what was said when Zimmerman called 911. It would appear that Zimmerman had already exited his vehicle and was following Martin when he made the call. So he didn’t get out of this car after the police had told him not to. From there I will let you judge for yourself, there are some videos of the conversation but they all contain images designed discourage you from making up your own mind. This is the only neutral version that I could find — There is one utube but it has gaps  Unfortunately I could not embed this onet– so please follow the link and listen closely.  It is critical if you want to have an informed opinion.

Audio-Zimmerman’s Call to Sanford Police-Audio

It sounded to me like after the 911 dispatcher told Zimmerman that he did not have to follow Martin Zimmerman’s breathing returned to normal. The tape would see to indicate Zimmerman was unsure about race until Martin approached him.  That is my opinion–

I posted it so readers could make up there own mind. What we would do not know, except from Zimmerman’s statement is whether or not he continued to try and find Martin,  if he was returning to his truck are just standing in the rain looking around– as Martin had been when Zimmerman decided it was suspicious behavior.  His location when he made the phone call in relation to the location of the shooting is likely to be an important piece of information.

From the time Zimmerman ended his call with 911 dispatch until the fight was in progress, as far as I know has not been made public.  Anything that anyone says about that time frame is probably pure conjecture. We know the prior the police arriving there were a number of 911 calls about a fight about someone screaming for help.  This video is fairly graphic and may possibly contain the last words of Trayvon Martin.



Most of the people who publicly commented on that video seem to believe that it was Trayvon Martin screaming for help. It could be a fact or it could be an emotional response. Martin is the one that is dead, people tend instinctively to associate screams for help with the victim.  However there is a possibility that it was the Zimmerman getting his butt kicked and crying for help. Trayvon Martin played football, it was 17 years old I would’ve been in good to excellent physical condition. Without looking at up, Zimmerman was around 30 and spent his days driving around in his SUV looking for trouble whoops double makers.

The pictures were seeing the Martin make it look more like he’s 14. The 17-year-old in good physical condition can easily be more than a match for grown man who is not. Not that long ago 17-year-olds were routinely allowed into both the Army in the Marine Corps. They trained alongside grown men a couple years their senior and were able to keep up with their slightly older counterparts with no problem.there is another compelling piece of information that indicates strongly that Martin was winning the fight.



Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman:

For whatever reason the eyewitness did not think it was advisable to attempt to drag mark off of the Zimmerman. Instead he went inside and called police. As far as I know, he is the closest thing to it eyewitness in the case. Police reports indicate strongly that there had been a fight and that Zimmerman needed to be treated by Sanford First Aid personnel– from the Sanford Fire Department.  This is from one of the police reports:



The preliminary reports from police officers on the scene can be found at Trayvon Martin Police Report on the PRO PUBLICA Website. That is pretty much the story as it stands now, parts of it are very inconclusive. It does help explain why the Stanford Police Department believed that Zimmerman probably acted in self-defense.

He was a member of the neighborhood watch, he had initiated contact with the police, he was injured in a scuffle with the person he believed to be suspicious, as far as the police knew at the time he was returning to his vehicle not pursuing the suspect and they had an eye witness who saw Martin kicking Zimmerman’s ass. The other witnesses had not actually seen what happened they had only heard the screams and called 911.

Irregardless the evidence was turned over to the states attorney to determine if a great jury investigation was warranted.  The states attorney has convened a grand jury and it is up to them whether not to return an indictment.

A couple words about people who have decided to try and get a little bit of publicist at of the situation regardless of what happens everyone loses. The mainstream media loves a chance to publicize white on black racial violence.  The Duke Lacrosse Team Incident was a classic example of them trying to incite racial tension by not completely and accurately reporting the facts.

I’m going to say something that’s slightly out of character for this website. It is no secret that the President and I do not exchange Christmas cards.  He  makes it  easy to point out everything from flawed thinking in his policies. to have right corruption and a complete disregard of the United States Constitution. In this case though, I think they have done the right thing. Perhaps the Cambridge police incident taught him about sticking his nose into local affairs, especially before all the facts were in. In this case the facts are still coming in.

As far as his comments go, regardless of what he said someone was going to find fault with it. There is no right thing to say, and no right way to say it, when a youngster gets killed. It gets more complicated when it’s highly publicized, people are playing the race card and emotions are running high.

Then there are those who seem to live for tragedies like this, in some cases their income and lifestyle are directly related to their ability to inflame already tense situations. I can think of two people who’ve been doing it for decades, needless to say,  they’re all trying to capitalize on this.e.

Al Shapton is always at the head of the pack, and the Mainstream Media is always right behind him.  The Tawana Brawely case was classic example of manipulating the media and the facts to create a racial incident where there was none.

Twenty years later many there are still many in Crown Heights who blame him for the 1991 riots, some going so far as to say the tried to start a Pogrom.. essentially a massacre of Jews.  A few years ago he claimed to have grown, but he was right there ready to put  a noose around the necks of the Duke Lacrosse Team..

Jesse Jackson can always be counted on to try and stir up trouble, he’s been doing for as long as I can remember–  Blacks are under attack.”  He’s absolutely correct, this is from September 2009

Tension between gangs of teenagers in Chicago’s schools that last year saw the killing of a record 42 young people has reached a peak in the city following the beating to death of a 16-year-old that was captured on camera. Chicago teen’s beating death captured on camera

Chicago is a city Jackson knows a little bit about, and he also knows the majority of those 42 children were black and so were their killers.  It seems that since they were blacks killed by blacks the media tends to ignore it-  No money to be made there.

PumaByDesign and I exchanged several lengthy emails while I was thinking about what to write about Trayvon Martin, we agreed on a great deal of what is here….  I can’t figure out how to match her eloquence about one group trying to gain some publicity from the tragedy;

Progressives have been bitching about the lack of Black involvement in the occupy movement for months now. They have been desperately searching for a way to bring Blacks onboard the Occupy movement.   It does not matter that most Blacks have no interest in our nation going Communist; the Occupy movement needs a martyr. 

Enter the untimely and unfortunate death of Trayvon Martin.  How lucky for them (sarcasm).

Occupy Oakland pigs were particularly miffed last fall when they started rioting and the moment the police moved in, Blacks who were present preferred for the most part to keep their heads low and made a fast exit.

The arrogance of this movement is the fact that they simply do not get that Black America like the rest of the country has other concerns and marching in alliance with a bunch of trust fund babies/Communists is not one of them.

From the viewpoint of Progressives, major Black involvement is the only way that their movement could pick up steam or stand a chance of being remotely successful and so the deception begins.

The untimely (or timely depending upon who you ask) death of this young man, just or not, will be shamelessly milked, used, re-used and abused by OWS, Sharpton, Progressives and worst of all, Barack Obama as a campaign tool. 

If you think I am kidding, just watch them rail. Trayvon Martin will become the martyr that Progressives have been so desperately been searching for……..

The  Antisemitism and lack of black faces in the occupied protests have drawn attention. I could not have explained it any better than Puma.

There is one other group that deserves some attention, however that groups than looking for an excuse to start a race war last 40 years. I think this is it, someone who ignore them. They are going to get mentioned over the next few days the cause of their relationship to a number of the Presidents Associates.




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  • “….He’s got something in his waistband…These a******s always get away….”

    The waistband remark…not wise. The “these a****s” leads one to wonder what is in Zimmerman’s head.

    After being warned not to follow, he should have immediately stop pursuing Martin.

    Just might prove to be his downfall. Time will tell as the events are sorted out, I suppose.

    I’m glad we discussed this because you did an excellent job in your post. Definitely fair and unbiased. I could not have done better myself. Moreover, I have not read any discussions on this shooting that even compares to yours.

    Will post an excerpt and re-link back to you.

    Again, thanks for a job well done.

    Now to see how this case unfolds.

    And shame on those politicizing the case.

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