Looks like another Fast & Furious Fluke Up

Looks like another Fast & Furious Fluke Up

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Reports are circulating this evening that back in May of 2010 Manuel Acosta was stopped by ATF agents carrying illegal ammunition and after he had been connected the purchase of the thousand plus or minus a few Fast and Furious weapons.. Cheryl Atkinson from CBS reports,

Prime gunwalking suspect was held by ATF but released, documents show

The prime suspect in the botched gun trafficking investigation known as “Fast and Furious” — Manuel Acosta — was taken into custody and might have been stopped from trafficking weapons to Mexico’s killer drug cartel early on. But the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) let him go, according to new documents obtained by CBS News.

An ATF “Report of Investigation” obtained by CBS News shows Border Patrol agents stopped Acosta’s truck on May 29, 2010. Inspectors said they found illegal materials including an “AK type, high capacity drum magazine loaded with 74 rounds of 7.62 ammunition underneath the spare tire.” They also noted ledgers including a “list of firearms such as an AR15 short and a Bushmaster” and a “reference about money given to ‘killer.'”

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Grumpy Note

Where the hell is the Inspector General Report Holders been talking about for a year–

Why have not more members of Congress asked for Holder’s resignation

For that mater why hasn’t he been charges and arrested for Contempt of Congress–

ATF “Report of Investigation”

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  • USMC1949

    Boy eric and the gang keep stepping in it. He (and us) woud be better served if he just resigned. It is painfully obvious he is in way over his paygrade.

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