Obama gives history class, flunks the part about Obama

Obama gives history class, flunks the part about Obama

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The other day a campaign speech Pres. Obama decided to get some college students a class in history.



The problem is, the things he said in his lecture just don’t jive with reality.

Barack Obama loves to include stories in his speeches.  He may be promoting something that will have an adverse effect on 10 million Americans, but he’ll find one person who will be helped by his proposal, and he’ll tell their story on a very personal level. He’s also pretty good at telling stories about Republicans. Since generally those stories aren’t designed to draw sympathy he tends to muck up the facts, or just plain lies.

The other day for some reason he decided to pick on Rutherford Hayes. Barack Obama has a habit of trying to make himself look good by attacking other people, preferably Republicans. Rutherford Hayes probably looked like a safe target, he’s been dead a long time, most Americans don’t know much about him, and he was Republican. Even at that, Obama managed to get it wrong, possibly by accident, but since Hayes was a Republican I doubt it.

Over at Real Clear Politics Carl M. Cannon in  Obama Flubs U.S. History — Again tells us

In Obama’s telling, Hayes was a Luddite who, when confronted with the invention of the telephone, wondered who would ever want to use one.

“That’s why he’s not on Mount Rushmore,” Obama intoned. “He’s explaining why we can’t do something instead of why we can do something.”

Truth of the matter is Hayes thought the telephone was a pretty remarkable invention, he loved the idea of being able to talk to someone who wasn’t in the room with you.  He was president in the late 1870s, going from Telegraph and Morse Code to voice communication was a quantum leap. He had the first telephone installed in the White House.

He also introduced the typewriter, to  the White House, before that every written communication depended on someone having really good handwriting.

I suppose loyal Obama bots will forgive the president’s for distorting historical facts in an attempt to make his own use of technology look good. Take a look at the video.


The president missed a few points about his own energy policy, and his reliance on technology.

Even the Europeans have decided that their investment in solarand wind isn’t working. But they are finding out is that the technology is neither cost-effective are efficient. Reliance on wind produced electricity has resulted in numerous blackouts in England. Worse Wind farms don’t work in the cold

Here in the United States, heavily subsidized windfarms produce virtually no electricity. Even Dr. Patrick Moore a co founder of Greenpeace says they’re useless–he was not talking about the huge number of birds the windmills kill. More was talking about the lack of efficiency and huge cost to the consumer. For me to come the same conclusions as a co-founder of an ultra liberal organization like Greenpeace is scary, but it’s a good indication of how far off base the president is in his thinking.

The battery-powered Chevrolet Volt is a commercial flop, in spite of huge tax breaks for purchasers. In fact the only serious purchasers of the product are government agencies that have been forced to buy them by executive order.  Production of the electricity it takes to charge the fool thing creates as much carbon as if the car itself was powered by fossil fuels, and it’s gasoline powered back-up engine burns gas as fast as a heavy SUV.  To make matters worse GM Wants More US Tax Dollars To Move Jobs To Mexico & China 


Another battery-powered car the Fiske built by Tesla  received hundreds of millions of dollars in green energy financing guarantees. In a recent exhibition, the car died the test track.  It was supposed to produce jobs, it did briefly but not in United States, now looks like American taxpayers are going to be on the hook for $460 million.

Then there is the ever growing list of Green Energy Companies that have been heavily subsidized by the American taxpayer that are going bankrupt, or moving their operations to China.

Barack Obama bitches and moans about tax breaks the oil companies receive. General Electric receives huge Federal Subsidies,  from the stimulus program, GE received grants of about $200 million.   General Electric is one of the worlds largest and most profitable company’s, but the pay pay NO FEDERAL TAXES and White House Jobs Czar, GE CEO Immelt Moves Jobs to China   Is this a good time to mention that General Electric was a major contributor to Obama’s election fund?

For a while, starting with Solyndra going broke, for a while it seemed like we were going to find out weekly another of Obama’s Green Investments was a waste of tax payer money.   Evergreen solar Ener1Beacon Power and EnerDel all made the list. Since Obama was investing taxpayer money these enterprises, his investments in his green schemes and cost Americans billions. Besides Green and Bankruptcy these companies have other things in common, they all managed pay senior executives some very nice bonuses before they went belly up. The senior executives all just happened to be Obama campaign contributors.



The American taxpayers to the big hit, on the other hand Obama’s political machine and Democrats in general profited from Obama’s investments. I guess if you look at it from that perspective, Obama is every reason to consider this alternate energy policies a success. Since looking at it that perspective would indicate President Hope and Change is less than honest.  We don’t want to do that.

The only other conclusion is that the president doesn’t know enough about American history, including his role in it to give a credible speech, let alone a credible class.

One other thing that Obama forgot to mention, technology behind the telephone and the typewriter works.  I don’t believe Barack Hussein Obama is going to get his likeness carved on Rushmore either


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  • Yeah, but at least everybody knows we’ll be getting our fuel from algae thirty years from now. Right?

  • grumpy

    In the video the enlightened one referred to us as flat worlders or some such thing– while he was completely making a fool out of himself

  • You do know the only reason we question these green-energy projects is because we’re uninformed, don’t you? Obama himself said anyone who doesn’t support them doesn’t know what they’re talking about. So it has to be true. Same thing happens with global warming.

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