Obama Appoints Sid Vicious Campaign Manager

Obama Appoints Sid Vicious Campaign Manager

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Over at the White House Dossier, Keith Koffler as a great blog posted about the condition of the president’s reelection campaign. He also has a clip of a speech the president gave to a group of students at Prince Georges County Community College. Keith, as always does an excellent job of helping the president make himself look foolish. It’s a really well written piece that borrows the Will Roger’s technique of simply reporting how government officials make themselves look foolish. Koffler does it almost, if not, as well as Rogers did.

The video clip is a must see for bloggers, the president decides to use one of his greatest accomplishments to promote himself. What he neglects to mention is no part of his great accomplishment as been cost-effective are workable. He also neglects to mention that everyone who has profited from it contributed heavily to this campaign.

Obama Appoints Sid Vicious Campaign Manager

by KEITH KOFFLER the White House Dssier

President Obama today appointed former punk rocker Sid Vicious to be his campaign manager, ousting for chief Jim Messina as Obama’s fundraising numbers lag and Mitt Romney begins to beat him in head-to-head matchups.

Obama admitted the move was partially symbolic, since Vicious has been dead for 33 years.

Read More and be sure to Watch the Video  Obama Appoints Sid Vicious Campaign Manager

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