Sorry Jeb, But I’m already bushed

Sorry Jeb, But I’m already bushed

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Jeb Bush is running for President, except he’s not, but he is, just not officially.

Unofficially there are several plans to put the third Bush in the White House, either now or in 2016. I tend to believe that the Republican Party establishment considers this November a loser. They know that taking out a sitting president isn’t easy, they are prepared to let Romney lose it . However, just in case it could be done they want and establishment figure in the White House.



Romney is the only one of the four candidates currently in contention for the GOP nomination that has the establishments blessing. What Romney does not have is the blessing of the TEA Partiers who happen to be the most vocal rank-and-file GOP leaning voters.  They cannot be bribed, threatened or otherwise coerced into listening to the GOP establishment. This could lead to a brokered convention. While Romney would have the initial advantage, at least two new names could come into play, depending on how popular or unpopular Barack Obama looks in the polls.

Sara Palin has said if that it goes to a brokered convention, all bets are off— Personally I like Palin doing just what she’s doing now. All she has to do, is smile and drop a hint. the Democratic machine goes into a panic. She makes a quick million dollars, has no headaches and continues to be one of the most influential women in the country. In the process she’s forced the jackasses to spend a ton of money.   Running for president changes all that.

The other one is Jeb Bush, take a look at the video:



Yep, you guessed it, if conditions seem favorable, the Establishment Power Brokers want Jeb Bush.

I’m not a Republican power broker, I believe running Jeb Bush now are in 2016 is a mistake.

First of all, the American people are not into political family dynasties. For all practical purposes we got rid of them when we got of King George III. Jeff trying to take the White House four years after his brother lived there and 20 years after his father was president, thank you no.  We got rid of George III, we don’t need Bush III

It’s also worth recalling that his father lost the White House after one term and his brothers pulled numbers were in the septic tank when he left office. He looks good now when you compare him to Barack Obama, but he was not a popular President at the end of his second term. Admittedly every member of the Bush family looks easy to get along with when you compare them to the arrogance of Barack Obama. Personally, I would love to have a couple beers too many within a member of that family. They are nice people, unlike the current snob they were well-liked and respected by our uniformed forces and conservative Americans.

However affable and respected are only a couple of the qualities we need in a president. We have a history with the Bush family that we can look at.

George Senior’s loss to Bill Clinton is often blamed on Ross Perot and seniors not to well-thought-out comment “Read my lips, no new taxes“. That didn’t work out too well. His war against Saddam Hussein didn’t work at too well either. It was left unfinished, because of the politics of the period. I think almost every American realized that that someday we would go back.

A couple things that were not well known at the time, and are just coming to light now. It was George Bush Senior who approve the agreement giving some of the islands off the coast of Alaska to Russia. It was also George Bush Senior who signed United Nations Agenda 21. Put plainly, like Obama, judging by his actions,  George the First believes in One World Governance,   UN Agenda 21 has never been ratified by the United States Senate.

As we all know the Alaskan island deal is being executed by Barack Obama. Obama is illegally using regulation and executive order to implement portions of the UN agenda 21. This would be much more difficult for Obama and Bush not  signed off on the deals while he was president.

After eight years of Bill Clinton scandals, I was happy when George II beat Al Gore, there was something about Gore then I didn’t like and I don’t like him now. At best he’s a self-centered mercenary liar and con artist, from there my opinion of him goes downhill. The George Bush tax cuts added about $90 to my biweekly paycheck, I called the bookkeeper to make sure she had made a mistake.

Regardless of what some other people might think, I believe the George Bush did a phenomenal job on September 11, 2001. I cannot think of anything that he might’ve done after the planes hit the towers that anyone else could have done any better. I have proved completely of taking action against Afghanistan-at the risk of offending some people, it would not of hurt my feelings and he disposed of the couple older nuclear weapons to make a point. It would’ve sent an unmistakable message to every country that harbors terrorists.

Iraq was a different story, like many other people,I realized at the end of Desert Storm we would be going back. It never occurred to me that it would be a Bush it would take us there. I believe the intelligence reports were true, however Saddam Hussein was not going anywhere. He could’ve been dealt with any time in the future. We had a very real enemy in Afghanistan that just killed 3000 Americans, more than were killed at Pearl Harbor. If he had committed the resources to Afghanistan that he committed to Iraq, I believe there’s a good possibility we would’ve accomplish the Afghanistan mission and been the hell out of there by now. I was less than thrilled, when no WMDs were found in the goal became Nation Building and spreading democracy.  That may sound good in a speech, but there’s a lot of historical evidence it says it doesn’t work unless, like in Japan and Germany you completely destroy the culture that is there.

By 2006 it was clear George Bush had lost his edge, it was no longer well-liked by the so-called swing voters, and the Democrats walked all over him. The next two years he let a very liberal Congress run by two progressive liberal political hacks dictate every bit of American policy to him. By 2008 Republican Party was in shambles. Had it not been for the TEA party it’s very likely the GOP would’ve joined the Whigs and The Bull Moose party in the history books.

That brings us to brother Jeb. Without a doubt, Jeb Bush was one of the most popular governors Florida ever had. By his brother, he seems down-to-earth and easy to get along with. An ordinary guy you might enjoy having several drinks with..  If that was all I knew, I’d probably support him myself and never think about doing a lot of research

Sandra, who runs Grumpy Educators and clued me into some things.  I’ll start by reminding you that No Child Left Behind was a creation of George Bush and Ted Kennedy. It was designed to be the first step in the nationalization of the public school system. Barack Obama with is Race To The Top will take No Child Left Behind to the next level.

Jeb Bush used his influence with the Florida legislature to push through Barack Obama’s education scheme. This was done with no consideration of the cost to state or the mandates the program would put our local school districts. The Teacher Merit Pay plan that caused such a ruckus is part of RTTT. That was passed because Jeb Bush and Barack Obama wanted it passed. Obama’s Secretary of Education instituted an early version of it when he ran the school system in Chicago. Emanuel Rahm is putting it on it overdrive.

Jeb Bush just lost initiative for something called the Parent Trigger Law, in theory the law would allow parents of failing schools number of options including switching their kids to a charter school. This too is an Obama initiative.   Coincidentally Vice President Joe Biden’s Brother Franks owns Mavericks in Education Florida, one of the larger Florida charter school companies that stood to profit if the legislation passed.

Perhaps not so coincidentally Bill Gates as contributed substantially to Jeb’s Foundation for Florida’s Future.  Gates as you probably know is a big advocate of  UN Agenda 21,  Federally controlled education  and a major Campaign Contributor to Barack Obama..

Just a couple more interesting facts, You can trace some of the basic concepts of Obama’s Education Plan back to the days of the old Communist Party and the Communist sponsored Weather Underground. Bill Ayers, a former leader of the Weather Underground as help frame education policy in Chicago he has close ties to Barack Obama and Arnie Duncan.

Education is too vital a public problem to be completely entrusted to the province of the various states and local units. In fact, there is no good reason why America should not progress now toward internationalizing, rather than localizing, its educational system—children and young adults studying everywhere in the world, through a United Nations program, would go far to create mutual understanding. In the meantime the need for teachers and classrooms in America is fantastic.

Port Huron Statement Draft

As Bill Ayers, Barack Obama and Arne Duncan can tell you that was written by Tom Hayden, Hanoi Jane’s partner in treason and one of the founders of the Weather Underground

It is also central to Obama’s Long Term Education Goals, and as you can see fit’s in nicely with UN  Agenda 21

Enter Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar, Kevin Jennings, who also had close ties to the Weather Underground. Back in 1963 the 45 goals of the Communist Party  Goals considered necessary to undo America’s Constitutional Republic were read into the Congressional record. Several of the goals ( how to word this) fit well with Kevin Jennings personal beliefs, needless to say Jennings also has a number of Communist friends…

That is about all I have say to say about Jeb Bush right now. Except for the question. Why would a conservative Republican promote and educational scheme that was largely inspired, if not written by communists. Why would he promote a scheme that fits so nicely into the idea of ” progress now toward internationalizing” and agenda 21.

I’d like to see some really good answers

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