Tuesday Morning Grumpy Daily Headline News

Tuesday Morning Grumpy Daily Headline News


U.K. says Christians can’t wear crosses to work

times247.com – Britain intends to tell the European Court of Human Rights that Christians should not be permitted to wear the symbol of their faith at work. Photo Credit:AP In a highly significant move, ministers…

Shelli WaltersJahns

Fast and Furious | Obama | Mexican drug cartels

dailycaller.com – President Barack Obama has never apologized to Mexican President Felipe Calderon for the 300 civilians murdered with weapons the United States provided to Mexico’s drug cartels, but on Sunday he fo…

The Daily Caller

Dan Boren | Eric Holder | No Comment

dailycaller.com – Oklahoma Democratic Rep. Dan Boren won’t say if he supports Attorney General Eric Holder amid a surge in the number of House members who have demanded Holder’s resign over Operation Fast and Furiou…

The Daily Caller

Barack Obama Impeachment | GOP Legislation | Military Action

dailycaller.com – A Republican congressman has introduced a bill that appears to warn President Obama that he could be impeached if the United States gets involved militarily in Syria without congressional approval….

Traditional American

As Tensions Mount With Iran, Israel Announces Missile Test

wdednh.wordpress.com – As Tensions Mount With Iran, Israel Announces Missile Test. As the debate rages over whether or not Iran is actively working toward dangerous nuclear capabilities, and how far it might be from actu…


conservativedailynews.com – Bart Simpson makes an appearance to help Sandra Fluke with the math to figure out how much it will cost her to have protected sex for one year.

Editor of CDN

forgivenessonline — IndieGoGo

indiegogo.com – What happened in Oak Ridge, Tennessee during World War II is the greatest untold epic story of American history. I have told part of this story in my screenplay, a historical drama, titled “Forgive…

Rudy Ryan

Obama running a basketball pool on his campaign website?!?!

usamericanfreedom.com – Click here to see the “Obama Bracket Challenge” that he has posted on his campaign website.  This is ridiculous!  Millions of Americans are without work, gas prices are going through the roof, our …

American Freedom

The Mainstream Media Blackout of the Arpaio News Conference

westernjournalism.com – The Russian news service Pravda has written an extremely detailed article not only about Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s revelation of the forgery of Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service document, …

David Briggs


usamericanfreedom.com – More than four years later Sarah Palin and the far right say President Obama will bring back racial discrimination against white people. These attacks are wrong and dangerous. If you’re tired of it…

American Freedom

DoJ moves to block Texas voter-ID law « Hot Air

hotair.com – The Department of Justice’s civil-rights division acted today to add Texas to its fight over voter-ID laws.  With South Carolina already suing the DoJ for interfering with its own voter-ID law, CRD…

The Real ExTex

Amos & Andy, A Tribute Oldies Television

xoteria.com – about Amos & Andy CBS sued a video company for selling apparently bootleg copies of the network licensed sitcom after overwhelming sales via mail order. While the video company offered to pay CBS r…


Free Press: First Lady Challenged by 11-year-old Reporter

freebeacon.com – Michelle Obama defended Let’s Move!, her anti-obesity program, in an interview released Monday. The first lady was asked to respond to critics of the program, who say the government should not be t…

Drudge Report

News from The Associated Press

hosted.ap.org – BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraqi police and health officials say robbers have killed nine people and wounded 14 others in a jewelry heist in eastern Baghdad. A police officer says two carloads of robbers stor…

The Associated Press

Bill Maher | Southerners | Primaries

dailycaller.com – As Alabama and Mississippi prepared for their Tuesday primaries, the water was warm for “aren’t Southerners stupid” jokes on HBO’s “Real Time” Friday night. But host Bill Maher went a step further,…


Batman brings order to southern Slovak town

reuters.com – DUNAJSKA STREDA, Slovakia | Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:36pm EDT DUNAJSKA STREDA, Slovakia (Reuters) – His utility belt might not be as well-equipped as the TV version and he hasn’t had to fight Penguin’s h.


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