Gloria Allred believes Rush should be charged and sued

Gloria Allred believes Rush should be charged and sued

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Gloria Allred wants Rush Limbaugh held accountable in every way that is meaningful, but she would like to have Palm Beach County state’s attorney do the investigating. That way they absorb the cost of the investigation and she’ll offer to help Sandra Fluke get meaningful accountability. At least that’s my opinion. Unless I’m mistaken accountability means some of Limbaugh’s money.

I may take some flack for this, but she might be onto something. If she can make this work against Rush, then conversely it should work against all the liberals who’ve  made obscene and degrading comments on my website. I could pop open my spam file, check the IP’s and start issuing subpoenas. I could wind up benefiting from dozens of lawsuits, some of my members even more. Of course I’m just one little website, if Rush decided to open up his files and probably have tens of thousands of lawsuits – Ms. Allred could spend the rest of her career defending them..

Gloria Allred seeks Rush Limbaugh prosecution

Politico I  By MJ LEE

Rush Limbaugh has drawn the ire of celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who sent a letter to the Palm Beach County state attorney requesting an investigation into whether the popular radio host should be prosecuted for calling a law student a “slut” and “prostitute” last week.

“Mr. Limbaugh targeted his attack on a young law student who was simply exercised her free speech and her right to testify before congress on a very important issue to millions of American women and he vilified her. He defamed her and engaged in unwarranted, tasteless and exceptionally damaging attacks on her,” Allred told POLITICO Friday afternoon. “He needs to face the consequences of his conduct in every way that is meaningful.”

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