Fluke, Sandra Fluke

Fluke, Sandra Fluke

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“Ms. Fluke, you’re a bit close, would you mind not swallowing the microphone?  Thank you.”


fluke    [flook]

noun 1. an accidental advantage; stroke of good luck: She got the job by a fluke.

2. an accident or chance happening.

3. an accidentally successful stroke, as in billiards.

(Definition courtesy of Dictionary.com)

There are other definitions for ‘fluke’ of course, but the above seems most apt when describing Sandra Fluke, struggling Law Student, past President of Law Students for Reproductive Justice, and all-around ‘great gal’ ‘reproduction’ activist.  The 23-year old Georgetown Law student (ahem, she’s actually 30 – not that the facts matter) has been on a tear all week following her testimony with Democratic leadership and ‘mean’ comments made towards her by Rush Limbaugh. 

Yes, I heard quite a bit about Ms. Fluke’s testimony to Nancy Pelosi’s panel, but I wanted to learn a bit more about the woman chosen by the Left as the lever with which they intend to separate US Citizens from their Constitutionally-Guaranteed First Amendment rights. 

Who, I ask you, is Sandra Fluke?  

I found the following bio on the Georgetown Law Public Interest Scholars site:

Sandra Fluke’s professional background in domestic violence and human trafficking began with Sanctuary for Families in New York City. There, she launched the agency’s pilot Program Evaluation Initiative. While at Sanctuary, she co-founded the New York Statewide Coalition for Fair Access to Family Court, which after a twenty-year stalemate, successfully advocated for legislation granting access to civil orders of protection for unmarried victims of domestic violence, including LGBTQ victims and teens.

As the 2010 recipient of the Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles Fran Kandel Public Interest Grant, she researched, wrote, and produced an instructional film on how to apply for a domestic violence restraining order in pro per. She has also interned with the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking; Polaris Project; Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County; Break the Cycle; the Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project; NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund; Crime Victim and Sexual Assault Services; and the Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County.

Through Georgetown’s clinic programs, Sandra has proposed legislation based on fact-finding in Kenya regarding child trafficking for domestic work, and has represented victims of domestic violence in protection order cases. Sandra is the Development Editor of the Journal of Gender and the Law, and served as the President of Law Students for Reproductive Justice, and the Vice President of the Women’s Legal Alliance. In her first year, she also co-founded a campus committee addressing human trafficking. Cornell University awarded her a B. S. in Policy Analysis & Management, as well as Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies in 2003.

The bottom line is that if an organization’s title has ‘Reproduction’, ‘Justice’, or ‘Gender’ in it, chances are that Sandra Fluke appears to be involved.  The thing which strikes me as ‘odd’ is that why would someone who is so involved in ‘Reproductive Issues’ be ONLY involved in the prevention of, um, how do I say this? Reproduction?  Are no women attempting to BECOME pregnant who cannot?  And if this is a reproductive issue (as I assume that it is), where’s the love for these women from Sandra Fluke?  What’s with all the ‘negative energy man?’

Here’s the thing with Left-Leaning ideologues, such as Ms. Fluke:  They latch exclusively onto the issues they wish to promote and exclude all other aspects of related topics.  Reproductive issues, according to them, pertain ONLY to the ability of a woman to PREVENT a pregnancy, rather than any other issue regarding to the act of ‘Reproduction’ itself.

I don’t know why this is, all I know is that ‘it is’.  

I’m not going to discuss what Sandra actually said during her testimony to Nancy Pelosi’s panel of  ‘Congressional Experts’ (on Reproduction?  In Congress???) as there’s been much coverage of her statements over the past week.  If you would like to view a complete transcript of her testimony, you can find it here: WTF   

And now that Rush Limbaugh’s jumped into the middle of the “Most Important Social Justice Issue of ALL TIME!”, no one in the Media is talking about fuel prices, Military lives lost in Afghanistan, obesity in our house pets, or our crushing National Debt. 

Yes, we’re all talking about reproducing (or not) ourselves. 

While they ought to be discussing the First Amendment; Republican Presidential Candidates have gotten off-message and swam fast (and furious) into the center of this Media created tempest.  No, they’re not talking about the First Amendment, but I’ve got to wonder, why?

Because they CAN win that argument.  Instead, they’re fighting ‘free contraception’ for all, courtesy of another government-mandated give-away.  Yeah, nice job Republican Leadership.  Way to go – if it weren’t for the Democrats and the President, I’d want YOU to lose too…  

So, is any of this media focus on ‘Reproductive Rights’ a coincidence? 

No.  It’s all coordinated to coincide 2012’s upcoming elections – two days ago, Kathleen Sebelius, HHS’s titular head said this:

“The reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for the cost of contraception,” Sebelius said. She went on to say the estimated cost is “down not up.”


Yes, a COMPLETELY NEW SPIN ON ‘Trickle Down’ Economics.  We need to waive the First Amendment because…  It’s the Fiscally-Responsible thing to do.

And Republican leadership chooses to NOT do battle on proposed violations to The Constitution, but rather whether ‘condoms ought to be free’?  Smooth move Ex Lax.  Idiots. 

Ah, but why  am I so serious?!?!  It’s Saturday and today and the High School Band is marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Downtown Binghamton!!!  I need to turn my frown upside down…   

Time to throw a bit of red meat to the people who are mad at me already!!! 

Bon Appetit – enjoy!!!



Other definitional alternatives for the word ‘Fluke’, mentioned above? 

1. any of several American flounders of the genus Paralichthys,  especially P. dentatus,  found in the Atlantic Ocean.

2. any of various other flatfishes.

3. a trematode.



1. the part of an anchor that catches in the ground, especially the flat triangular piece at the end of each arm.

2. a barb, or the barbed head, of a harpoon, spear, arrow, or the like.


But you’ll never catch ME calling Sandra Fluke a bottom-feeding fish, that would be wrong. 

However, I was intrigued by what fluke (a.k.a.:  ‘Flounder’) eat, so I visited Paul at Paul’s Fishing Kites for an answer:

The answer to what do flounder eat depends on the habitat in the area the fish are living.

Baby flatfish begin feeding as an ambush predator as soon as they settle on the bottom.

The juvenile fish are normally in very shallow estuarine areas and feed on tiny shrimp like copepods, small crabs, a variety of sea worms and invertebrates.

Yes, Mr. Paul writes that Fluke eat sea worms and invertebrates. 

Please do not read anything into Fluke eating ‘worms’ above.  If that’s all Ms. Fluke was doing, she wouldn’t need the free birth control. 

Heh, heh, heh… 


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    I can think of one busy woman who gave us a bastard we’d be better off without– that broad got around, Kenya, Indonesia all kinds of places..

  2. Ah, if only we could apply contraception retroactively to the people who are promoting it (“what a wonderful world it would be”.

  3. Guessing Sebelius will push for one child per family like China soon too.

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      Only for natural born citizens

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