Sheriff Paul Babeu accused of sex crimes-slavery and- .

Sheriff Paul Babeu accused of sex crimes-slavery and- .

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And it turns out he’s gay.

The sheriff was running for Congress, and was somewhat of a GOP hero because of his public stand on immigration.  He was also a co chair of Romney’s Arizona Campaign, he has resigned that position,  He says he will continue his congressional campaign.  I can see that happening, not only did he admit that he was homosexual, he’ss accused of threatening to report his illegal alien lover if the guy opened his mouth.

The Tucson Citizen is calling it sexual slavery. It might be a good time to mention the Tucson Citizen is an ultra liberal publication that believes in open borders the return of the Southwest to Mexico and a few other things most Americans would find  objectionable.

The incident calls into question Mitt Romney’s choice of advisers. I started wondering about that during the Florida primary when he picked Charlie Crist.  Tje liberal Media is going to to have a field day

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu denies threatening to deport lover

The Pinal County lawman, a Republican candidate for Congress, also resigns from a volunteer post with the Mitt Romney campaign and comes out as gay

By Ricardo Lopez, Los Angeles TimesFebruary 18, 2012, 5:07 p.m.

An Arizona sheriff running for Congress as a Republican denied accusations Saturday that he had threatened to deport an alleged ex-lover, a Mexican national. In the process, he also resigned from a volunteer position with Mitt Romney‘s Arizona campaign and came out as gay.

After a report published Thursday by the weekly Phoenix New Times, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu acknowledged that he had a “personal relationship” with a man identified only as Jose.

Jose accused the sheriff of threatening to deport him after he refused to sign an agreement


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