Queen Michelle Antoinette-Obama needs another vacation

Queen Michelle Antoinette-Obama needs another vacation

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There’s a good reason why Barack Obama needs to remain president. It has nothing to do with the destruction of the Constitution, destruction of America’s traditions or the globalization of the world. These seem to be Obama’s primary goals, however he has another reason he has to hold onto the Presidency.  It would be nearly impossible for him to stay married to Queen Michelle if he didn’t have the taxpayers to support her lifestyle.

Various estimates put the cost of her trip to Africa at close to $450,000, and that doesn’t include food,ground transportation and a place to stay for the 21 people she took with her. It costs well over $100,000 an hour just operate Air Force Two, the plane she uses. Everywhere she goes, the Secret Service has to go, they also have to send an advance team to make sure the area is secure. An estimate back in October but the cost of Michelle Obama’s vacations at roughly $10 million dollars. I wouldn’t want to guess would it cost to keep her in clothes and shoes. She makes Marie Antoinette look like a spendthrift, her attitude gratitude towards the American people, many of whom are struggling right now is very similar to Marie Antoinette’s.

She’s now planning a ski vacation in Colorado Keith Koffler over at the White House Dossier reports:

Michelle Obama Decides to Ski Aspen




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