Obama’s disappearing people to spin unemployment numbers

Obama’s disappearing people to spin unemployment numbers

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The trick is always accounting itself. If you have 10 apples and 12 oranges you have 22 pieces of fruit. If I take four of your oranges, and you go find three more apples then you have 21 pieces of fruit. You actually lost one piece of fruit, but you don’t look at it that way, you go brag about the extra three apples you found. As long as you focus on the apples, you can overlook the oranges you lost.

That’s an oversimplification, but it is exactly what the Obama administration is doing with the unemployment numbers. They’re bragging about creating new jobs while ignoring all the jobs are gone. By disappearing the people that used to hold those jobs from the numbers Obama is creating the illusion that the unemployment situation is improving. But it’s nothing but a but and illusion.

White House economic report hides sharp drop in number of working Americans

The Daily Caller

White House officials are trying to downplay the growing political damage caused by a shrinking federal statistic: the percentage of working-age Americans who actually have jobs.

The increasingly visible statistic shows that roughly 11 million working-age Americans are being excluded from the nation’s formal tally of 13.75 million unemployed Americans.

Today’s 2012 Economic Report of the President attempts to bury the statistic in a 448-page blizzard of statistics, jargon and reassuring comparisons. “In the last 23 months, businesses have created 3.7 million jobs,” says the upbeat report, released at 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon by the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.

Read  White House economic report hides sharp drop in number of working Americans




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