Elitist lefty tells Arabs American agriculture is unsustainable

Elitist lefty tells Arabs American agriculture is unsustainable

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The nice thing about running a website that requires a lot of content is is you’re always seeing something new that catches your attention. The bad part you find yourself getting sidetracked easily. That’s how I stumbled across an article by Patrick Doherty in Al Jazeera.



Patrick Doherty is deputy director of the National Security Studies Programme and director of the Smart Strategy Initiative at the New America Foundation. The article was on sustainable development. Sustainable development is nothing more than a nice-sounding way to eliminate the sovereignty of the United States and force us to be subjects of the United Nations. It’s also called Agenda 21.  

The article is titled “Stop subsidies, switch to organic farming”,

“The US cannot become sustainable, nor can it induce global sustainability, without addressing the way it farms.”

Simply put, the post-Cold War international economic system is fundamentally unsustainable. Based on preliminary estimates, a pivot towards open-market sustainability will immediately deliver the certainty investors need to put labour and capital back to work in a productive economy. Built on the bedrock of demographic demand for a new American dream and a resource productivity revolution, it will put the nation on a path to achieve climate-stabilising carbon reductions and align the US market with rising global demand. Instead of the halting multilateralism of attempts to mitigate climate change, open-market sustainability provides an opportunity to enhance our security by leading the transition to a sustainable – and prosperous – global economy.

I wasn’t exactly sure how switching to organic farming and reducing the output of American agriculture to a level it would make it hard to feed our own population, let alone help supply the rest of the world with food so, I took a look. As soon as I saw climate stabilizing carbon reductions outlining the US market rising global demand, I thought ” here we go again, somebody wants to fundamentally change America, and doubt that there is some wealth redistribution involved to.”

From the time I spend reading about politics I’m aware that Americans are still moving to the suburbs. In fact this guy to be a concern the Democratic Party whose primary base is in the city. The author tells us the exact opposite is true, that Americans are fleeing  the suburbs for the convenience of city living. Yes some are and some once dilapidated areas in the cities have been rebuilt very nicely. Typically these areas are are very expensive. However they offer the luxuries of easy access to public transportation, shopping and social gathering places.

That is not where a huge number of Americans want to live. Enter reeducation, we need to be taught we want to live in the cities. We also need to be taught that we don’t really like driving our cars, Doherty wants to mandate a 50% reduction in vehicle use. He also believes that the government should exercise control over the size of our homes.

Of course all of this is justified by Global Climate Change, and it funny how they changed the term as soon as they found that global warming wasn’t really warming.   They don’t know whether the world’s getting hotter are getting cooler but they are sure there is some kind of climate change, because without it they had no just occasion a reason to demand nations surrender their sovereignty United Nations.

I had a good idea what I would find I paid a visit to Discover the Networks in order to find out what The New America Foundation was all about. Starting with the money, that’s always a good place:

NAF receives funding from the following foundations, organizations, and individuals: the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the CIGNA Foundation, the Colombe Foundation, theNathan Cummings Foundation, the Dancing Tides Foundation, the Ettinger Foundation, the Exxon-Mobil Corporation, the Ford Foundation, the Foundation for Child Development, the Foundation to Promote Open Society, the Fourth Freedom ForumFree Press, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google Inc., the Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr. Fund, the Hauser Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, H&R Block, Intel Corporation, the James Irvine Foundation, the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Liberty Hill Foundation, the Lockheed Martin Corporation, McKinsey & Company Inc., the Microsoft Corporation, the Open Society InstitutePew Charitable Trusts, thePloughshares Fund, the Proteus Fund, the Public Welfare Foundation, the Christopher Reynolds Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Samuel Rubin FoundationSave the Children, Wendy and Eric Schmidt, Bernard L. and Irene Schwartz, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Levi Strauss Foundation, the Surdna Foundation, and the George Wasserman Family Foundation.

There were a couple surprises there, I did not expect to see Lockheed Martin, CIGNA or Exxon Mobil. Seeing George Soros and Milla Melinda Gates and bright blue letters was no surprise whatsoever, in fact I would’ve been disappointed had they not been there. You can find most of the rest a new list of donors to far left communist organizations. I really wonder if Debbie Wasserman Shultz is related to the George Wasserman family foundation, that could explain a lot.

There were no real surprises when I checked to see exactly what causes new American foundation devotes itself to:

Energy Policy Initiative: NAF advocates punitive taxation on the use of fossil fuels, for the purpose of forcing Americans to cut back their reliance on such energy sources. In 2010, NAF produced a policy paper in favor of implementing a “Smart Grid,” a government-controlled energy use/delivery system.

Global Governance Initiative: The director of this program, Parag Khanna, contends that global governance is inevitable and that, in fact, America has already embarked on an unalterable course toward this destination. According to Khanna, the world at large sits on the precipice of an epoch that will be marked by “fear, uncertainty, plagues, and violence,” which global governance will ultimately relieve. Khanna laudsthe efforts of “postmodern Medicis such as Bill GatesAnil AmbaniGeorge Soros, and Richard Branson,” who “take it upon themselves” to “cure pandemics, run corporate cities, undermine authoritarian regimes, and sponsor climate-saving research.”

Middle East Task Force: NAF’s Middle East Task Force is highly critical of Israel and sympathetic toward Palestinian Arabs, whose anti-Israel activities allegedly “emulate the civil rights struggle [of blacks] in the United States and the struggle against apartheid in South Africa.” Advancing the notion that the Israeligovernment is “occupying” Palestinian lands, NAF has called for U.S. sanctions against the Jewish State.

Discover the Networks is a lot more information on these people as well as on the people that fund groups like this including George Soros and Bill Gates. You can find that information here http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/

Someday I might figure out why the hell the American Jewish population is so deeply in love with the political far left that absolutely hates their guts. Course far left politicians don’t mind taking their money, before they stab them in the back. Like so many other lefty groups, these guys are opposed to Israel. That could explain why the article was published in Al Jezeera. Of course since it was not complementary for the United States in the Middle East the article would’ve been a better reception than here at home.

We know all too well just from dealing with Washington DC where bureaucracy our national level be like. We know from experience that the United Nations cannot handle any money it is trusted with, their peacekeepers everywhere have a reputation for rape and the Gen. assembly votes against the United States most of the time.

Why do we need to subject ourselves to one world governance by the United Nations when even the necessity for one world government is based on the fraud call climate change.


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