America Elects, an Internet primary looking for a candidate

America Elects, an Internet primary looking for a candidate

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Yesterday I saw an interesting article by  MICHAEL WARREN  at the Weekly Standard The article titled “Get ready for candidate #3” is scheduled to hit newsstands February 27. Their article’s about a different way to select a presidential candidate. Nope, we’re not doing away the primaries and massive media coverage. That’s the way Democrats and Republicans do it and nothing is likely to change.  However an organization called Americans elect wants to give us a different option.

Their idea is to go outside of the political parties and the primary system altogether, using Internet to let the American people pick a candidate who was not necessarily the choice of a political party



Okay until it sounds crazy, but look at Romney, if you follow twitter you might think there are several Romney’s running the GOP nomination. You see a lot of tweets about Not Romney, Anybody but Romney and F Romney, there’s even a few for Mitt Romney. Romney is a candidate that the old GOP establishment ordained, the media loves and was essentially selected to be the nominee long before the first primary vote was cast. As it stands Rick Santorum may have screwed up the party’s plans, a lot of people aren’t too happy about him either. Gingrich has fallen way back in the polls, and it’s not looking like he’s going to regain his momentum.  No one is thrilled by the choices,

Under the program American Elects anyone can register on their website and nominate anyone they want to be President of the United States.  Sometime in April or May, Americans Elect will announce the name of the person who wins their Internet primary.  The major candidates from both parties haven’t need left out of the nomination process at Americans Elect.  Of the  several hundred people who have already been nominated you may be surprised where the big-names rank, at least as of now,  Romney’s at the very back of the pack, I think he’s down around Nancy Pelosi, I’d  have to look again. Barack Obama is in fifth place and not looking too good compared to the front runner. We’ll get to the front runner in a minute.

The organization as enough signatures to get whoever is selected on the ballot in all 50 states. That by itself is a huge obstacle to most independent candidates, as you are aware several of the Republican candidates have not had the necessary signatures in the primaries in some states. Those guys are backed by huge organizations of trained operatives. The average independent is really in a bind because he lacks trained operatives, the lawyers and the volunteers necessary to understand the law and get required signatures.

Americans Elect as no political agenda, no party affiliation and they’re acting is completely neutral moderators. I saw some names on that list that scared me, a few made me laugh and a couple made me think for a minute.

Being on the ballot so I part of the problem either big issue facing independent candidate will be money Americans elect is not going to help with that. Now once the candidate is on the ballot they are on their own to run their campaign. That includes figuring out how to finance it.

I see potential here in a number of ways.

The first would be to help a candidate with just enough influence to sandbag Obama’s chances.

The second would be you just throw out some names and see if anyone gets attention.

The third would be for twitter and Facebook groups a little research on our own and find someone many of us consider worthy of being drafted. We actually support that candidate it’s a lot of work, however like this before no one is thrilled with the GOP field

While the whole thing seems a little crazy, and unlikely to work it wouldn’t hurt for conservatives to see if we can learn something from the experiment. Get involved just to see how it plays out. What I’m seeing on twitter, on my own website, conservative Americans have gotten tired of voting Republican just because they’re the lesser of two evils. regardless of what happens in November I do not believe that the majority of  Americans are going to be thrilled with the outcome.

Even if the GOP wins they’ve made it clear that they don’t need or want any TEA input, they are going to take us back the same old crap they’ve gotten away with for years. It’s time for us to let the GOP know that we can do without them easier than they can do without us. Remember what the judge said when he was fired, excuse me, had his show abruptly canceled:



Someone has nominated Judge, he’s one of those made me think. Is immensely popular, as a strong following and his nomination especially if it was successful would be a real kick in FOX’s ass. We know it loves the Constitution and we have zero-tolerance for a lot of the shenanigans that goes on in DC now. Just a thought

Unlike the judge, I am not a Ron Paul supporter. I would love to see the man as Secretary of the Treasury. I do not believe that his foreign policy ideas as honorable and well intended as they are workable in today’s world.

That said, Ron Paul as of this moment as a very impressive lead in the America Elects independent candidate primary. Ron Paul does have the ability to pull votes from both Republican and Democratic Party, something worth thinking about.

You can find out more about American Elects here


Let me know what you think.

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