SOPA, Security, and the Singularity

SOPA, Security, and the Singularity

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N. M. Guariglia 

Why this will be the most consequential century in the history of life on Earth

The American political process has grown surreal. Elections are still held, which is good.  But other than that, it seems, as a culture, we’ve created a puritanical, almost imaginary standard for public office. Rare leaders with courage and vision know for it they will be destroyed, and so are dissuaded from stepping in the arena. We’re deciding on who will become the most powerful man in the world. Yet we focus on inane banalities, trite “narratives,” the pettiest of gaffes, and expert analysis of this or that guy’s body language during an umpteenth debate. Then all this gets thrown into an echo chamber, requiring the candidates to participate in the echo.

The media will force a national candidate to take a stand on a local dispute — on which, if elected, he or she would have no constitutional authority anyway — solely so

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SOPA, Security, and the Singularity

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