Do you trust government with your kids personal information

Do you trust government with your kids personal information

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This little illustration here came to me from a friend, with instructions to to use it- the writer prefers to remain anonymous.
As you know, under the guise of longitudinal data collection the Government is trying to get every detail possible on every student in the country– They want their birth weight, blood type. parents religion, voting record and how many grey hairs they have.  One district in Missouri is now making kids wear widgets 24 hours a day to track their activity and how much sleep they get..
Constitutionally, when it comes to stuff like this you should be able to tell them where they can go and what they can do when they get there.    But in case you haven’t noticed both the State Legislatures and Congress ignore the Constitution.  We don’t have to worry about our kids data though, the Administration that gave us wikileaks and can’t keep the Chinese out of the Pentagon Computers has promised to keep it safe–
This is where the email I got takes over….
The day is going to come…  it may already have happened and has been kept secret from us….   that some hacker or group of hackers will compromise the the state longitudinal data systems…      and when they make off with lots of data…   will we receive a notice to this effect:
We have discovered that our state longitudinal data system servers were attacked, resulting in a security breach. The hackers were able to access information on all students, parents and teachers in the state. Our team has worked to secure the state longitudinal data system against this type of attack from recurring.Please understand that we are under no obligation to inform you that sensitive data about the students, parents, and teachers in the state has been accessed and copied by unauthorized and unknown individuals.  Since our data system contains no personally identifiable information you should comfortably know we assume no liability for any damages resulting from the hackers ability to personally identify individuals by matching overlapping information with other database information for which we have no control.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Should you find the consequences of this security breach to be devastating to your life, we suggest you consider assuming another identity and start a new life.  Should you wish to exercise this option, for a fee we can assist you in this effort.  We take the security of our data seriously and can assure you we are taking measures to protect the system from this kind of breach until it happens again, at which time we will simply send you another message similar to this one reassuring you there is nothing to be concerned about.

Hackers reveal personal data of 860,000 Stratfor subscribers

By Ken Dilanian, Washington Bureau  Los Angeles Times

January 4, 2012
Even if the Unites States Government’s intentions are honorable, and I have reservations about that.  They data they’re trying to obtain, and some of the methods they are will to use are better suited for Castro’s Cuba than our United States.   But even assuming they have well intended objectives, the US Government can’t protect the data it has now.


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