Bare Naked Islam’s Website has been taken Down-Updated

Bare Naked Islam’s Website has been taken Down-Updated

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Market Watch has published a news release from CAIR bragging about being responsible for Bare Naked Islam’s Take Down,,  CAIR and organization the FBI considers an affiliate of  various Islamic Terrorist Organizations described BNI as a hate site. read it here

Anti-Muslim Hate Site Removed After CAIR’s Intervention

It would seem.  according to CAIR, if you have a website and you speak out about  Islamic Terrorists who are trying to kill you,  beheading, stoning women on trumped up charges, burning Christian Churches, killing Christians and other atrocities you are running a hate site.

If that’s the case, well Bare Naked Islam might have qualified


There isn’t a lot of readily available information that I’m privy to,  I know the site was down briefly a couple weeks ago.. and now if you try to access the site you run into this banner

The website is dedicated to exposing the spread of Islam, often by force..  and the many ways Islamic’s are trying to impose their their beliefs and there law in America..  I reported on so called Honor Killing– as a father it’s incomprehensible to me that a father could murder his daughter.  The site reported on the Administrations close and questionable ties to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.  The site also site reported on attempts by CAIR, even after a Federal Judge ruled it was a terrorist related organization has been being grated permission to indoctrinate kids in public schools..  This might give you a better idea.. from Google Search


Bare Naked Islam has been under attack from the Counsel on American Islamic Relations.  In spite of the fact a Federal Judge recently Confirmed they are a Terrorist organization the have friends in high places.. including one who lives in a big white house in the center of Washington DC and another one running the Justice Department.

I find it hard to believe would have taken down the site unless they were pressured from somewhere..  The question is who applied the pressure CAIR or the Administration

Either way this is a blow to Americans who value free speech,,  It’s also a warning

As is this, a friend just sent me an email–


This message arrived from someone associated with Bare Naked Islam:

Of course we are looking at WordPress to tell us why, but it seems their staff is conveniently on holidays until Jan 2nd…[still were there to take her site down, we note].

I am hoping the site can be brought back with another server if this one keeps caving in to CAIR, or whichever variation is forcing the issue.

The last time BNI was taken down, CAIR was to blame.

For what it’s worth, you can email WordPress Support at

We would suggest that counterjihad bloggers make plans to obtain independent hosting if at all possible., Google Blogger, and other free hosting sites are more subject to outside manipulation.


I’ll try and keep everyone informed– Remember, CAIR and Friends are trying to pressure the Obama Administration to make it a Federal Hate Crime to say anything about Islam that isn’t complementary

Some additional information

Funny thing– after 15 fast tweets by readers shortly after I posted , — the Tweet Button for this one blog disabled itself..  they are working fine on the other blogs on this site,

I’d strongly suggest everyone look at Beestings  WARNING to CONSERVATIVE BLOGGERS

For even more information about this visit

Maggie’s Notebook Bare Naked Islam Down – CAIR Casualty

The Mad Jewess BARE NAKED ISLAM Suspended With “TOS”, WordPress Breaks their OWN Rules

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  • grumpy

    Who Won, I’ve got a fall back location in place if worst comes to worst- It occurs CAIR has a utube site, a little of what’s fair, is fair wonder how Google would react to a few million emails requesting CAIR’s utube be taken down–

    Who One, screen shots of hate comments there could come in handy.. on another note– If you’re feeling creative, I’ve got a little stuff that combined with what you have on the NEA would make an interesting story..It explains a great deal of what’s happened to out education system… and it reads like it might have come straight out of an Alinski converstion


    The article at Market Watch isn’t an article. Rather, it should be labeled “This Pro-CAIR Advertisement Provided Free of Charge To CAIR via Market Watch”. It’s sickening. MW just chose CAIR and their terrorism-supporting ways over America. MW made its choice. Now we should make ours and not support MW. This time next year may MW be a distant memory of wrong choices and closed doors.

  • Who Won

    Keep us updated, hope this isn’t the first of many, we might need to start doing screen captures and pdfs. Noticed NEA removed the link to Saul Alinsky as recommended reading but someone had created a pdf.

  • grumpy

    Fishy, I think that’s the way Bonnie at BNI felt–think she was okay with them as long as they didn’t try to push themselves on the rest of the world– you know toss bombs and fly airplanes into buildings

    Once they started that, she didn’t want to see them period, naked or otherwise.

  • Fishygal

    I for one would prefer not to see any naked Muslims, I think they are hairy! 😉


    Below, What I sent to

    If you removed the blog, “Bare Naked Islam” I would hope that you still believe that the First Amendment is our right as natural born citizens of America. The First Amendment covers Free Speech and the free exercise of religion; which includes the free speech to criticize religion. If the site was called “Bare Naked Baptist” (dreadful thought: I’m Baptist, I would know), or “Bare Naked Catholicism” would you have any problems allowing it to stay up? I believe that if it were either of those it would still be up. Have the courage of the First Amendment and allow the Free Speech clause to be used in America. It is a RIGHT, not an assignment of permissions via government — or business — fiat. IF you removed “Bare Naked Islam” please return it to its rightful place in the American lexicon: “Covered by the First Amendment FREE SPEECH clause.”


    By Linda McKinney
    © 2011 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved

    When truth no longer has a voice,
    silenced by authority,
    It no longer is the truth,
    It is evil’s victory.

    Whispered stories
    of truth’s used-to-be’s,
    Silent longings,
    forgotten memories…

    Truth denied and hidden deep,
    hangman’s noose, cellar’s keep,
    All arise in truth’s demise
    Freedom’s death, prison’s reap.

    Take away our free speech
    God-given right to all,
    A tyrant’s rise, made easily
    Freedom’s voice, clarion call


    Government or business
    Stood against our only chance,
    Before the first revolutionary
    Took away Freedom’s hand.

    I wrote that just for you. Please listen to it. Listen to US. Listen to what we are saying: WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEAK. The U.S. Constitution does NOT guarantee ANYONE the RIGHT to not be offended. It DOES GIVE US THE RIGHT TO SPEAK. Give us back our rights. Return “Bare Naked Islam” to its rightful place: Where people can see it, comment on it (speech) and its authors can write for it (speech).

    Thank you.

    Linda McKinney


    Remember: If the City/County/State/Nation can do it to your fellow citizen, they can do it to you, too. Stand up for your neighbor, because if you don’t, the City/County/State/Nation will come for you next.

    Remember: Anyone who does not give you a wake-up call when they see you being stupid, self-destructive, or both, just plain doesn’t care about you. It’s those of us who do wake you up who care.

    • grumpy

      Thanks SPC, I’m going to send one in a bit– can’t believe WP caved.. Gotta love it–Islam barks and half the world, including our fearful leader puts their tails between their legs and slink away– then when they’re a safe distance away they call the people that growl back at the Islamic Bullies, and stand their ground, Islamophobics–

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