Saturday Morning News, picks from the Grumpy Daily

Saturday Morning News, picks from the Grumpy Daily

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Please Withdraw Voter ID from DOJ – Now that Eric Holder has objected to South Carolina voter ID, and blocked it from taking effect, the damage goes well beyond South Carolina.  Right now Arizona is challenging the constitutionality …


Justice Department Rejects Voter ID Law in South Carolina – WASHINGTON — The Justice Department on Friday blocked a new South Carolina law that would require voters to present photo identification, saying the law would disproportionately suppress turnout am…


A Congress of Whores| The Post & Email – THERE IS NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE THAT OBAMA WAS ACTUALLY BORN ANYWHERE by Lawrence Sellin, ©2011 Have members of the U.S. House and Senate betrayed the American people by their actions, secret deals, …


A Nativity Never Forgotten – Painting by El Greco of the NativityThere is one thing about Christmas that never ceases to amaze me; a simple fact that is both remarkable and unique. Almost half the world’s population celebrates…


Defining Inflation – Frank Shostak – On August 16, the U.S. government will debut of a new type of Consumer Price Index (CPI), one which it says will better reflect true inflation. Unlike the existing CPI, the new index will be subjec…


Cuba to release 2,900 prisoners – By Jeff Franks HAVANA | Fri Dec 23, 2011 9:09pm EST HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba will release 2,900 prisoners in the coming days for humanitarian reasons in a sweeping amnesty ahead of a visit next spri…


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