Denying the Reality Of Islamic Brutality

Denying the Reality Of Islamic Brutality

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For those who naively believe those that tell them that Islam is a religion of peace, what do you base that upon? It surely isn’t the evidence. Evidence shows that far from being a religion of peace, Islam is more an excuse for slavery and abuse. We see Muslim women and men telling the rest of the world that it is perfectly okay for Muslim men to use women as sex slaves. From a June issue of Front Page Magazine


Muslim Woman Seeks to Revive Institution of Sex-Slavery


Or from Israpundit we see that women are not respected nor treated as human beings if they do not follow the tenets of Islam. But don’t think that women who do follow Islam are treated any better. The brutality of the men is sickening, and it is mostly accepted in countries where Sharia law is the prevailing rule. A couple examples of the perversion from Israpundit.

Muslim brutality

Muslim Hubby Man Cuts Off Wife’s Fingers Because She Pursued College


Muslim Militants cut nursing woman’s breast, asked others to eat pieces: UN-backed report

Taliban cut nursing woman’s breast, asked others to eat pieces: UN-backed report Indian Express

Islamabad : Pakistani Taliban fighters cut the breasts of a woman who was breastfeeding her child and asked other women to eat the pieces, in a gory incident highlighted in a report on the abuse of women in the militancy-hit tribal belt bordering Afghanistan.
The incident occurred when five militants walked into a house and saw the woman breastfeeding her child, The Express Tribune quoted the report titled ‘Impact of crisis on women and girls in FATA’ as saying.

The report, released by the human rights organisation “Khwendo Kor” (Sisters’ Home in Pashto) with financial support from the UN, is based on case studies of women from the tribal belt living in camps set up in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa for people displaced by militancy.

Another revelation is that women in camps were forced to have sex in exchange for food and non-food items. Girls and widows were at greater risk of such abuse.

“A security officer forced me to have sex in exchange for cooking oil and pulses when I was collecting food at the main entrance of the camp,” a 22-year-old woman in Jalozai camp is quoted as saying.

The report said there was also an increase in “honour killings” in which women who were raped were murdered because rape was considered a disgrace to the family.

Forced marriages, honour killings, exchange of women between tribes and marriages with first cousins resulting in disabilities among offspring have made women very dependent, the report said. Read the complete story at Israpundit 

This is just a small portion of the stories that are out there. What makes them worse than the brutality that we find in criminals in the United State, is that people can and are prosecuted and punished for their crimes here. In countries where Sharia law is the rule of the land, these are mostly not even considered crimes. To them, a woman is simply a possession of the man, therefore she has no rights and it is up to her husband or any other man that wishes to do so, to punish her for her crimes, real or imagined. I say imagined, because often there is no evidence that the woman even did anything wrong.

What does this tell the world about us? That we don’t really care about women? How could it say anything else? If we lend our support to countries that practice this kind of barbaric behavior, how can we claim to be any different?

For those friends who are liberal  and the people that are so anti-Christian that they insist that Church must never be part of the state, how can you promote friendship with those who insist that religion is paramount to their leadership, and their religion supports such violence and perversion?

Are you the same people that were so outraged at the violence that you saw going on when the State of Alaska was winnowing the population of wolves, under the leadership of former Gov. Sarah Palin? And yet it is okay to rape, murder, mutilate, and otherwise degrade in every way, women and children by followers of Muslim? Are you the same people that are outraged at the killing of whales? Are women and children less worthy to you? Does this mean that you share the values of those who commit these horrific crimes against humanity? Why should we believe otherwise of you?

And for all of those who support the government of the United States, is this what you think is the right thing? If not, why are you not protesting this? You can protest people earning more money than you, but you don’t have the time to protest the killing and abuse of your fellow humans? You can take the time to protest the killing of animals and yet you willing stand by and watch as your government supports countries that okay the mutilation, abuse and killing of women and children, without a trial, without retribution, without even the common decency of a burial in most case.

I won’t ask if you consider yourself godly people, because if you do you are lying to yourself, and if you lie to yourself, nothing from you is believable. I will ask if you consider yourself a humane person? If you do, how in this world can you support a government that has forgotten the meaning of humanity? None of this is humane.  A government that has no humanity or compassion for others, will not have any feelings for it’s own citizens either. How long before they turn the violence on us? They have just been given the ability to do so by the Congress of this country. We are being betrayed by our own representatives and if we ignore the way they treat other countries, it will not be long before they turn on us!



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