Fast n Furious: Holder can’t shovel fast enough- the stuff keeps piling up

Fast n Furious: Holder can’t shovel fast enough- the stuff keeps piling up

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It’s getting harder and harder to figure out what’s really behind the mess we know as Fast and Furious..


It’s become apparent that if Eric Holder didn’t know the details it’s because he positioned himself in a way he could honestly claim innocence from a legal standpoint.  He all but admitted as much when he tried to debate the definition of lying  with Wisconsin Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenne during  Thursday(12-08-11) morning’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Fast and Furious fiasco.  If he was being close to honest he wouldn’t be worried about what makes a lie a lie..

We know that so called whistle blowers are being punished by the AFT which comes under Holders Jurisdiction.  We know some of the people who ran the operation have been promoted or transferred instead of being forced resign in disgrace..  That could be construed as buying their silence.  Remember the operation was a flagrant violation of US,  Mexican and International Law.

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed with a Fast and Furious Weapon supplied to a Drug Cartel, that is indisputable.  Last week we found out that both the FBI and ATF knew there was planned cartel ambush of another cartel in Peck Canyon that night.  The ambushers planned on stealing money and drugs from a specific shipment they knew in advance, was going to be moving through the Canyon that evening.  The advance knowledge was probably leaked from the FBI to a Confidential Informant. If either the FBI or ATF had bothered leaking the same information to the Border Patrol, which come under Homeland Security,

Brian Terry’s death could have been easily prevented. A phone call would have done the trick.    We know Homeland Security Boss Janet Napolitano never asked Eric Holder WTF was going on, or why her people weren’t notified about the impending firefight..  We know this because she told said so–to Congress.

Yeah Right. She’d just had an agent killed.. She’s a Cabinet Secretary, Eric Holder is a Cabinet Secretary. They work for the same boss, but she never picked up the phone and asked Holder WTF was going on?

We know the Department of Justice had the court records of Brian Terry’s murder sealed. Why would they do that? Possibly the answer came Thursday when Holder declined to answer some questions.. because it would get him into trouble with the Federal Judge who sealed the records.  Convenient Huh?  Before I forget Eric Holder has been telling Congress he was waiting for a Investigator General’s report before taking any Legal or Personnel action in the case.  Thursday he told the committee he’d never made a  formal request to the IG saying he thinks,  he just made a phone call

Now it wold be easy if it ended there  There’s plenty of evidence of illegal operations, felonies,  cover-ups,  perjury (depending on your definition of lying) reckless endangerment (upwards of 300 dead).  You know: It’s illegal but the fastest way to get to the bottom–make that top of this would be a little water boarding.  No wonder the administration is opposed to it.   Either way it doesn’t end with Fast and Furious..

There has been a lot of speculation that the entire program was an attempt by the White House to blame Americans and American made weapons for murders in Mexico..  Some of Holder’s testimony on Thursday adds credence to that.  Democrats on the committee played along.. asking Holder is stronger gun laws would have prevented the Necessity Of Fast and Furious.  There’s some compelling evidence that that the idea was seriously considered as Bob Parks reports here ‘Fast And Furious’ Was Really About Gun Control.. I could have accepted that as the underlying reason.. As Bob Parks points out:  part of the liberal mindset is the accomplishment of there agenda always justifies the cost.  They might have gotten away with it, if all the deaths had been Mexicans.

Obama is always pointing out how most of the killing in Mexico is done with American made weapons and how Americans are at fault.  Fast and Furious, government supplied guns  have upped the numbers of those weapons,  getting them a little closer to the 90% statistic Obama is always throwing around, but not as fast as this:   The Obama regime greatly increased legal gun sales to Mexico knowing 26% would fall into the hands of the drug cartels « America’s Watchtower  Obama sold the Mexicans 19,000 weapons in 2009, since then the State Department has stopped releasing numbers..  But all indications are they at least as high and probably higher..  He did this knowing full well at least a quater of them would wind up in criminal hands and they could easily be used against American Law enforcement personnel.

That would make a reasonable case that people within the administration intentionally schemed to send guns to the Cartels with the intention of getting people killed in order to justify undermining the United States Constitution…
Yep— it looks like that was the plan
The only problem is there seems to be another objective, and as far as I can see there is no way to connect it to more gun laws.  The shit’s getting deeper.. Fast and Furious Update: Obama Administration Now Laundering Drug Cartel Money?  Maybe the Department of justice was running a full service support business tor the drug cartels,,  Prehaps soon we’ll find out DOJ supplied Bail Bondsmen,  kept lawyers on stand-by, provided untraceable rental cars, safe houses and very real forged IDs too.  Don’t laugh too loud because at the end of last week yet another twist was added…

Univision Confirms Iranian Threat in Latin America

Israel OrtegaJames Phillips and Ray Walser

The Foundry

Iran is conducting anti-U.S. operations from Latin America, including military training camps in Venezuela, and expanding its reach across the border from the U.S. in Mexico, according to footage unveiled late Thursday by the largest Spanish-language network in the United States, Univision.

The documentary showed a former Iran senior official accepting a plan to launch from Mexico a cyber war on the United States, one that would cripple U.S. computer systems, including the White House, the FBI, the CIA and several nuclear plants. The official, former Iranian Ambassador to Mexico Mohammad Hassan Ghadiri, was shown accepting the offer from undercover Mexican university students. A trailer to the documentary can be seen here.

The documentary also showed the undercover Mexican students presenting plans for the cyber attack to Venezuelan officials in Mexico. The Venezuelan official was very receptive to the plot,


If this is true then anyone of those illegal infiltrators Obama is unwilling to deport could be a highly trained Iranian Operative..And where have our intelligence people been while this was going on?  Was the President made aware of the situation?  The Heritage Foundation Report goes on to say that these trained agents are able to cross the Mexican American border at will.So much for “Our borders are more Secure than ever”.

Undercover journalists also confirmed Iranian-backed money-laundry and drug-trafficking cartels that are used to back Islamist networks and training camps in Venezuela and elsewhere, which exist to attack U.S. interests and undermine the U.S. in Latin America

So the cartels have Holder and the Iranians laundering money and supplying them with weapons  From what the Foundry said I got the impression that Castro’s  people were involved and at least some Mexican officials are on in on the deal.

Does anyone besides me  have any questions..

Is Obama trying to curry more favor from the Cartels than they give  the Iranian’s?  What’s the extent of Obama or Holder’s involvement?  Do either one of them owe the Cartels any favors..  We know they’ve both known some interesting people in the past.

I don’t know, can somebody help me out?


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  1. I’m thinking that what they want to do with the ones already here is irrelevant until they secure the border. A very strong, triple-layer fence that is fully patroled would be a good start. I’ll turn into a liberal on what to do with the ones here if I’m convinced we stopped the flood of illegals flowing in.

    1. identicon

      Alligators aren’t sounding like such a bad idea after all. The only problem is they’d all be turned into cowboy boots inside of month… Two fences a 30-40 yards apart with landmines might work better..

      1. I actually kind of agree. How many Mexicans can come to America is an act of Congress. How many can come here illegally is an exucutive enforcement issue. The alligators could be the first popular Obama czar led cabinet position.

        1. identicon

          For whatever set of reasons he has (I believe he has several)this executive isn’t about to seriously start enforcing the border,,,

  2. identicon

    Loopy– I saw the bit about an unmanned border crossing, I didn’t have time to read it. I reported on the EPA not wanting Border Patrol tire tracts in the Arizona wilderness… Smuggler’s tire tracts don’t seen to bother them so much… If I remember I think I suggested the Lisa Jackson should send in some of her investigators with laptops- They could write summons for pollution and give them to the Cartel Trail Guides.

    Guess our one world open borders president has forgotten the basic principles behind the Monroe Doctrine would apply to Iran as well

  3. Oh yes, do not forget the Iranian base that is being built less than fifty miles from the AZ border! I don’t like being paranoid, but there is plenty of documentation on all of this. Much of it I have posted on myself. A person would have to be asleep to not wonder why? Even if it is stupidity on the part of our own government, do we really thing that the rest of the world, ie Iran is that stupid? Plus Iran is working with the Zeta’s drug cartel and they have stated their goal as overthrowing the Mexican government!

  4. Add to that they are talking about putting an unmanned border crossing in in the Big Bend area of TX, where anyone can walk through in rugged territory without being checked at all. And they have basically opened the border in parts of AZ, not letting border patrol in and posting signs that American people are not allowed in there due to environmental concerns. Then you have a small town on the NM border where the entire police depart. has been accused of enabling drug dealers and gun runners. Sounds to me like they are lowering our defenses and letting the enemy in!!!!

  5. identicon

    BTW Truth serum doesn’t work as well in the real world as well as it does in the movies.. I looked into that when all the BS was going on about water-boarding was going on a while back.. Sometimes the subject just rambles about whatever– sometimes it leads to psychosis sometimes it works..

    I’m thinking the shock of telling the truth would lead to psychosis for most politicians

  6. identicon

    Brikony– I see a lot more news stories than the average person.. U’ve seen the White House Spin Doctors do a fair job with some of Obama’s “accomplishments” Almost always it’s done with misleading words and phrases or based on partial truths. A classic was when he told the American people he was deporting more illegals than had ever been done by any President before him.. A few weeks later he told a LaRaza Audience that those numbers were a “little deceiving”.. He was counting people not allowed to enter (at check points) as deportations. So if some one legally crosses the border everyday for whatever reason.. but they forgets their ID and gets turned back one day–they count.

    We have another example here,, His administration sells or smuggles thousands of weapons into Mexico-then he uses bad sounding numbers THAT HE CREATED to justify his position on gun laws.

  7. I especially like the part about waterboarding Holder and his guys. Now we know why they oppose waterboarding. A little truth serum here might not be a bad idea. Has the administration done ANYTHING to strengthen America?

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