Help WFP #OccupyWallStreet and Get Paid $350 to $650 a week!

Help WFP #OccupyWallStreet and Get Paid $350 to $650 a week!

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I saw a curious tweet about a job.  The URL was not shortened so it was plan to see it was sub-sectioned in /gov/and  in NY and posted on  Well that was it I just had to see.  The tweet was meant as a jab to some unemployed liberal that thinks you or I buy him a sleeping bag or something else somehow not produced by a capitalist corporation….go figure that one out.  Well imagine my surprise when I see the job placement is a real posting from an organization I know about from doing my homework on the “Crime Inc” stories done by Glenn Beck while he was still beholden to Faux news.  Keep in mind an Arab and a bunch of phone hackers own that network.

I learned about the “Working Families Party” while I was digging up one of Becks most used videos of Joel Rogers discussing Global Warming, (My find Not Becks h/t me) and how he could use it to make billions in bribes and special favors.    they both are born of fraud and the negative results are drummed out to the sheeple as the result of real Capitalism.  This has become a deliberate attempt by the President and the progressives working in his ilkey shadow to vilify and destroy the Free Markets.  Joel Rogers is a devout self proclaimed Marxist.  He started the New Party a third party with a Marxist constitution. The New Party supported at the time Barack Obama for Illinois State Senator and claimed victory when he won.  The New Party used “Fusion Politics” and that was since ruled an Unconstitutional Party tactic and disallowed by a Supreme Court ruling.


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He’s got the entire ad posted/

Grumpy Note;

Not a Lemming”  The guy that runs Your Daddy’s Politics has been following this since the beginning,  I backed of after the first day– Anonymous seemed to have control of their live broadcast, those people are spooky,  and things seemed to fizzle anyway.   I think Your Daddy’s Politic’s may be one of a very few sites that has any real idea who the players are, and what role they’re playing.




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