The government has your kids spying on you

The government has your kids spying on you

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This is part 2 of  Data Mining our kids, with an added twist


Back when I went to school we were taught that in terrible places like Russia and the other communist controlled dictatorships behind the Iron Curtain, the government made school kids spy on their parents.   The kids were supposed to let their teachers know what they listened to on the radio or if their parents talked about the government… of course the kids were told this was so the government would know what they could do to help the students family help the student learn better.

We were told that only happened in communist or fascist dictatorships..  We were told that was one of the things that made us better than them.  Fast forward 50 some years, the modern computer’s been invented, Barack Obama’s in the White House and we start to find out it not only can, it is happening here– under the guise of  Obama’s Race to the Top Program Education Reform…

Yesterday my grandson handed me a Dear Parents letter from his elementary school.  The pleasantly worded letter told me about a program called pearsonsuccessnet.  All I had to do was log in with a username, and a password they provided and I could see everything that was going on in his classroom.  Sounds great, who wouldn’t want to know exactly what their kid is doing in school?

I decided to think about it before I logged in, if you’ve been following Sandra in Brevard’s websiteGrumpy Educatorsor if you read part one of this blog,  you’ll know why.  I decided to take a look at their website from the outside first, it only took a second to confirm that Pearson was the same famous testing company  Before I get into that here’s a little more background .

As you saw in yesterdays blog,  Bill Gates developed a program the makes extensive data collection on student possible, it shouldn’t come as any great surprise to find out Gates and Pearson have partnered, putting them both in a position to profit nicely from Education Reform.   They stand to profit nicely enough Bill Gates has seen fit to spend several billion dollars lobbying for it’s passage..   One of the key aspect of the program is that with enough date you can do longitudinal studies.. Of course like Hitler, Stalin. Mao and Richard Nixon you can also compile lists of people you consider potential enemies..

The data sets from the The Department of Education’s Orwellian Scheme are set and ready to be used on your student. These are some of the things the government  wants to know about you, your relations ships and the people you and your associates with.

    • Blood type
    • Height and Weight
    • Dwelling Arrangement
    • Health Care History
    • Health Care Plan
    • Identification Results
    • Immunization Status
    • Insurance Coverage
    • Overall Health Status
    • Residence Block Number
    • Social Security Number
    • Voting Status and political beliefs
    • Sexual Prefernece
    • Religion
    • The number of teeth the kids parents have
    • Name it, odds are it’s there
  • Base salary or wage

I know this may sound a little extreme.. and a little hard to believe, but here it is again, all nicely laid out in the two tables on the page you will see when you open this document, The Department of Education’s Orwellian Scheme  Yes I know I posted that link a second ago, but it’s important you as an American Citizen are aware of the mind boggling amount of information the Federal Government wants on you as well as your children..

Is it legal… only if you ignore the US Constitution and the Privacy Act, But this Congress and especially the current batch of US Senators seems content let this President, and his Cabinet, Legislate by Regulation and ignore the Constitution. 

Now let’s take it to the next step, Gretchen from the Missouri Education Watchdog is a hell of a lot easier to read than the documents she’s referencing..  Trust me on this I’ve looked at both


The Department of Education (DOE) has proposed regulatory changes that would gut the primary federal student-privacy statute, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA imposes strict limits on how the government may use so-called Personally Identifiable Information (PII) collected on students by schools or government education agencies. Under the proposed changes to the regulations issued under FERPA, DOE would enable a system of massive data collection on students – potentially including such things as family income range, hair color, blood type, and health-care history – that could then be shared with other government agencies (both federal and in other states) for unspecified purposes.

This disclosure of PII could be accomplished without parents’ consent, and in most cases without even their knowledge.  And because the data-collection and sharing would begin when the student is in preschool and follow him even through his entry into the workforce, the possibilities of breach of privacy and unwarranted use of data are almost limitless.

The concept of “state longitudinal data systems” (SLDS) is the driving force behind the proposed regulatory changes. In its attempt to further federalize education through Race to the Top and other statutes, DOE wants to construct massive and interconnected data systems that will allow various government agencies – and even private entities, perhaps including employers – to access students’ personal information without the knowledge or consent of the students or their parents.

SLDS structures in some states, such as Illinois, already contemplate the sharing of PII for purposes far beyond effective education of children – for example, to create “a network of federal, state, and local offices that . . . facilitate the development of the United States workforce.”Indeed, DOE itself argues that “there is no reason why a State health and human services or labor department, for example, should be precluded from . . . receiving non-consensual disclosures of PII to link education, workforce, health, family services, and other data” for the purpose of “evaluating” education programs of “evaluating” education programs.

The proposed changes to the FERPA regulations are a blatant attempt to bypass Congress the US Constitution, and therefore the American people, by weakening the privacy law to facilitate radically increased government control over individuals’ lives.

As I said I borrowed this from SDL Gretchen’s Missouri Education Watchdog

Once again folks, if you don’t believe it take a look at the Government documents behind what Gretchen is saying

The document details and the specific language of the FERPA revisions the Department of Education is requesting may be found here:!documentDetail;D=ED-2011-OM-0002-0001

Here is a summary from the Federal Register:


That brings the discussion back to Pearson Testing and their pearsonsuccessnet program.  Remember Pearson has close ties to Bill Gates, Gates has spent billions lobbying for the Administration’s Educational Reform Agenda– or maybe it’s his Educational Reform Agenda.  Just think about the potential for Microsoft if all this data is computerized and used in various projects and studies MS already has the technological ability to conduct.

Think about the Benefits to a Company like Pearson testing if they managed to get paid for providing what appears to be a legitimate and beneficial program to school districts, and are able to harvest the data the Government is looking for, and willing to pay for at the same time.

This disclosure of PII could be accomplished without parents’ consent, and in most cases without even their knowledge

So I took a look at the pearsonsuccessnet website, the first thing I decided to do was take a look inside the handy little PDF Hand Book for teachers,  and Bingo !!!!! On page 18 we find that Pearson has access to you child’s routine assignment and performance


Viewing Assignments and Reports

 Use the My Classes and Groups page to quickly navigate to view the assignments, reports, notices, or roster associated with each class/group.

Click View in each column to perform different actions:

Viewing Assignments and Reports

Use the My Classes and Groups page to quickly navigate to view the assignments, reports, notices, or roster associated with each class/group.

Click View in each column to perform different actions:


pearsonsuccsessnet has access to all you your child’s assignments and test scores.  All nicely documented and ready to be filed away until someone decides they want to know how your daughter in second grade arithmetic, or how well your son was reading in fourth grade.

Twenty years from now a shoving match on a school playground between a couple year old boys will still be on the computer for a prospective employer to see before he interviews your son for a job.  Sound a little extreme, maybe, but not that long ago the idea that the Federal Government would keep lifelong dossiers on American Citizens for reasons that could easily change from the purposes Government is claiming now,

I’m sure when Hitler started keeping lists, he didn’t tell the public it was so he could kill Six Million of them.

We know that the Department of Education wants a lot of information about your child’s: parents, family home life, living arrangements and what color the your dog is.  We know that, because except for dog, they told us so.  We know they don’t want you to know how they’re going to get that information because they told us that too.

That’s where your child comes in.   Just like for Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Saddam Hussan, the Department of Education is going to use your child to spy on you.  Unlike the others, Barack Obama and Arme Duncan not only have the children they can use, but they have the family computer.

When your excited first grader comes home with a note, saying you can watch them in class and see what they did. Most parents are going to log in..


The second you log in, Pearson like every other website you log into put cookies into your computer,  Most are harmless, simply there so the website recognizes you when you log back in..  Google tons of advertising cookies planted in peoples computers,,, Most people don’t get to excited about that..

There are other kinds of cookies or bots. These are not so harmless, they can record every keystroke—Their owners are generally not to ethical..   Nah; folks like Obama are too ethical to engage in that kind of tatic.

This disclosure of PII could be accomplished without parents’ consent, and in most cases without even their knowledge










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    With the population explosion that we have been having and will have in the next 20 years there are and will be societal shifts due to wars, poverty and wrecked economies of governments. We will see government and corporations bulldoze their way into all aspects of our collective lives.

    Big Business will lie down with Big Brother and create a child that no one will recognize. G.E. is one good example. Oops I didn’t post that.

    It’s got to happen. It’s all about control.

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    For information from the Dept of Ed on their data mining program

    Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) Grant Program,%20Anthony.pdf

    The Government website you can use to verify whether or not you legislature is accepting money to spy on your children– and you can be found here

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