war on Conservatives

war on Conservatives

They Are Already Going After Tucker Carlson

The photo above came from Reddit but it’s been verified. If you think the hard-left, which now runs the Democrat Party, will stop at O’Reilly, you are mistaken. The Rupert brothers will be willing collaborators with the hard-left as they dump conservative after conservative. Our screenshot follows. Notice Media ...
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Apple Branding Pro-Trump Content ‘explicit’

Washington Examiner by Rudy Takala Apple is branding at least some of the content supportive of Donald Trump in its iTunes store as “explicit,” a warning the company says it puts on broadcasts that might contradict “cultural morals and standards.” The policy was revealed in June to Mark Hammond, ...
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Cleveland Progressives Plot to Ban Trump Supporters Outside RNC (revised)

If like myself you remained suspicious of members of the GOPe who suddenly decided to back Donald Trump over this past month, your suspicions have been officially confirmed.   At the same time that members of the GOPe under false premises are withdrawing support of the 2016 Republican Party candidate, ...
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Fighting the Multicultural Left

    Lew Rockwell by Paul Gottfried In his latest column Pat Buchanan writes eloquently about a “civil war on the right.” According to Pat, “conservatives” are now locked in mortal combat over the future of the American Right, and the sides are divided between the fans and despisers ...
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Female reporter bullied at ‘inclusive’ feminist conference for being ‘conservative’ (video)

Campus Reform Campus Reform’s Katherine Timpf attended the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference (NYFLC) — an event which promised to be about ‘inclusivity’ and welcoming everyone — only to be told that “conservative” women were not welcome. Timpf attempted to ask students’ their opinions on feminism, but conference organizers ...
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