May 25, 2017
smear campaign

smear campaign

Your Crazy Auntie Maxine Says Putin Gave Trump His Anti-Hillary Chants

There is no evidence whatsoever that Trump colluded with Putin, let’s just say that upfront. Despite that, Auntie Maxine Waters has taken the accusations to a new level. She says the campaign slogans, chants, talking points were developed strategically with Vlad Putin. She even tied drilling in the Arctic, Rex Tillerson, ...
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O’Reilly Talks About the Fake Trump Scandals

During his podcast Tuesday, Bill O’Reilly took on the fake Trump scandals and the media’s role in not pursuing the truth. The goal is to wear Trump down. But this is the scandal du jour and the strategy on the part of the anti-Trump press is wear Trump down, report so ...
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Growing Consensus Trump Acted Appropriately, Leakers Broke Law

The Republican Party must grow a set and immediately get behind our president.  Nothing less will do. Lifezette by Brendan Kirby National security experts in and out of administration defend president, hammer illegal disclosures National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster on Tuesday reiterated that President Donald Trump did nothing wrong ...
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For Haters…NeverTrumper George Will Viciously Blasts Trump

NeverTrumper George Will, an arrogant snob who has a way with words, titled his article Thursday in National Review Online — Trump Does Not Know What It Is to Know. For all you haters, it’s a slam dunk of acrimonious invective. Describing Trump’s thoughts and speech as a disability, he pompously ...
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Hannity Takes on Trolls

This is the part in the movie, “Tombstone” where Kirk Russell playing Wyatt Earp screams at Ike Clanton, “You tell ’em I’M coming… and hell’s coming with me, you hear?…HELL’S COMING WITH ME!“ The Murdoch sons and wives are Progressives and appear to be on a quest to purge ...
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Serial Harasser Walks Back Claims against Sean Hannity

Former contributor to Fox News, Debbie Schlussel, walked back claims she made on Pat Campbell’s radio program Friday in which she accused Sean Hannity of sexual harassment. Independent Sentinel by S. Noble In an interview on the Pat Campbell Show Friday, a former Fox News contributor Debbie Schlussel, claimed that Hannity had invited ...
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Gorka Allies Push Back Against Deceptively Edited ‘Anti-Semitic’ Hit Piece – Breitbart

The smear campaigns continue by Progressive fake news outlet, Forward against Breitbart News’ former national security editor, Sebastian Gorka, now Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump.  No one hears these barking moonbats anymore except those looking to tear down anyone remotely connected to the President. Forward is being called ...
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Jeanne Shaheen’s Fake Bill Singles out RT for Fake News; Putin retaliates.

After eight years of Progressives not having an issue with Vladimir Putin’s news and propaganda machine, RT (Russia Today), sore loser Jeanne Shaheen but one of many on the left still shedding crocodile tears over last November’s presidential election is sponsoring legislation to investigate RT for what else?  Propaganda. ...
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