Wikileaks Calls Out Nonsense About Sealed FISA Indictment Issued Against Trump

Total nonsense that Trump has been indicted by the FISA court. Constitution requires Grand Juries alone issue all serious indictments. — Julian Assange (@JulianAssange) May 15, 2017 A blogger named Claude Taylor, who has 159,000 Twitter followers, wrote that a “sealed indictment has been issued against Trump by FISA ...
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Reporters Say Sealed Indictment Has Been Issued Against President Trump

Heat St. journalist and rabid Trump hater Louise Mensch claims a sealed indictment has been issued against Donald Trump. The charges were not mentioned. It’s not known if the story is true though Mensch is right more than she is wrong. An indictment is not impeachment and, as we’ve ...
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The 25th Amendment – Leftist Mantra vs the Truth

It is official. When Jonathan Gruber spoke of “stupid American voters,” he was referencing useful idiots on the left. Nox & Friends by Uriel Several leftists — both communist and radical Islamist fundamentalists — have been force feeding through MSM and social media the idea that Trump can be ...
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Does Congress Have the Stones to Impeach Hillary Clinton?

If it is at all possible for the cowards in Congress and the Senate to impeach Hillary Clinton, do these elitist cowards have the nerve? National Review by Andrew C. McCarthy For months, I have been arguing that Hillary Clinton should be impeached. It is all well and good ...
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The Executive Outlaw

The Executive Outlaw
, Based on his subversive actions, by definition Barack Obama is indeed making war against America, and it’s high time Congress responded by declaring their own war on a man who became a domestic enemy the day he violated his oath by refusing to “preserve, protect and defend the ...
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Report: Obama Worried About Impeachment

Obama mad
  Tea Party News Network …Now, with several top conservatives howling for his impeachment, President Obama seems to be mindful of the fact that what he’s doing could land him on the unemployment line. According to a report in Politico, during a meeting with pro-illegal immigration demanding executive orders ...
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Congress Doesn’t Do Lawsuits

Congress Doesn’t Do Lawsuits
When James Madison wrote the Constitution at the behest of the rest of the Founding Fathers during the Constitutional Convention in 1787, none of them had intended for lawsuits to be used by the Federal Government against the Federal Government.  The separation of powers conceived by Montesquieu were to be fulfilled via co-equal branches at the head of the ...
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  Published on Feb 25, 2014 by TheAmericanView According to a February 11th New York Times article by Mark Mazzetti and Eric Schmitt, the Obama administration is debating whether to authorize a lethal strike against an American citizen living in Pakistan. The Crime committed by this person? Well, we ...