April 23, 2017
FOX News

FOX News

Leaked Documents Show Who Sabotaged Bill O’Reilly And Fox Let Them

We didn’t just lose Bill O’Reilly on Fox News yesterday. Like O’Reilly or not, people should care about the firing of Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly is one of the most important spokespersons on Fox News cable. Without him, alle right-leaning news will be gone in time, and it won’t be ...
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Lenny, Squiggy and Sexual Harassment at Fox

As the old loyalty oaths during the Red Scare used to begin, “I am not now, nor ever have been…” a fan of Bill O’Reilly or his nightly show, “The Factor”. I’ve never watched a single full hour. Some people just take themselves too damned seriously. That said, I’d ...
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They Are Already Going After Tucker Carlson

The photo above came from Reddit but it’s been verified. If you think the hard-left, which now runs the Democrat Party, will stop at O’Reilly, you are mistaken. The Rupert brothers will be willing collaborators with the hard-left as they dump conservative after conservative. Our screenshot follows. Notice Media ...
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This Is How Fox News Treated O’Reilly After 20 Years of Making Fox News Cable #1

The website for The O’Reilly Factor and the show itself erased O’Reilly’s name immediately after 21st Century Fox’s announcement Wednesday that he was fired.  They left off the “20 years” as well. The advertisers aren’t the initiators of the banning of The O’Reilly Factor, it’s the botnets from the ...
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The Media, Democrats and Republicans want President Trump gone

Stay strong, patriots.  Stay strong.  Remember that those declaring war on President Donald Trump are also waging war on, We the People. Cry and Howl by Steve Pini Barely 60 days into Donald Trump’s presidency and the left has ramped up the attacks into desperation mode. Actually I think ...
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Fox News Suspends Judge Napolitano Indefinitely Over His British Spy Claims

On March 14th, Judge Napolitano made a startling accusation on Fox & Friends, accusing President Obama of using the UK to spy on Donald Trump. For those comments, he has been suspended indefinitely though he is sticking by his story. ”Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama ...
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Nigel Farage, ‘Brexit’ Leader Joins Fox News

Nigel Farage, Brexit Leader, ardent supporter and friend of our 45th President Donald Trump has joined Fox News. News of the hiring broke at the same moment that Trump exited U.S. Capitol building this morning to be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. Washington Free Beacon ...
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Tucker Carlson vs. Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald & tweet that Trump was in mental hospital; Eichenwald has Twitter MELTDOWN.

  In the following video, Tucker Carlson takes on the looniest of the looney left providing proof positive that these people are evil, vile creatures.  Warning: You might want to have your coffee and morning breakfast first.  Kurt Eichenwald is among the grinds left in a Marxist cesspool of ...
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