fake news propaganda

fake news propaganda

Growing Consensus Trump Acted Appropriately, Leakers Broke Law

The Republican Party must grow a set and immediately get behind our president.  Nothing less will do. Lifezette by Brendan Kirby National security experts in and out of administration defend president, hammer illegal disclosures National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster on Tuesday reiterated that President Donald Trump did nothing wrong ...
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Media in fact-free fall over immigration

  Let’s start by saying that President Trump’s executive order on extreme vetting of persons from jihadist breeding grounds is not a Muslim ban as the fear mongering Progressive propaganda machine is making it out to be. Don Surber’s Blog via Wow! Magazine On Saturday, every weekend part-timer and ...
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Facebook Plans to Bury Alternative News

The global elites are stepping up their efforts to control the message.  Of course, their fellow globalist, Mark Zuckerberg, is more than happy to oblige.  The Daily Sheeple by Kurt Nimmo Editor’s Note: Because we always knew that “fake news” was really just another way of saying “alternative, independent ...
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