October 27, 2016



More Voices in News, Not Fewer. See What’s Coming Soon…

islamic supremacism 003 COMPRESSED

Robert Spencer Moment: If You Don’t Want to Assimilate, Don’t Come.


Passive Aggressive Cats Compilation (and canines, too) videos

Hillary Crooked as Hell headshot

Hillary Clinton FBI Notes – A Summary

Venezuela On The Brink…

barack obama 2008 on Hillary Clinton_Fotor COMPRESSED

Trump’s Best Campaign Ad Against Hillary!

screenshot re-enacement of execution of atefah rajabi sahaaleh shariah law iran oppression and brutality 2 cropped

Five truths about shari’a

49er fan burning kaepernick jersey_Fotor

The Jerk and the Bonfire: Angry 49ers Fans Burn Their Colin Kaepernick Jerseys