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In the 1960 film “The Alamo” John Wayne, playing Davy Crockett, made this speech: “Republic, I like the sound of the word. It means people can live free, come and go, buy or sell, drunk or sober, however they choose.” Every once in a while I like to turn my thoughts to those who took that term “republic” literally, by refusing to be fitted into the shoe-box society, any society, Christian or pagan, attempted [...]

urbanization its about control

Crowded city Corn picker Apparently, even out here in America the trend is that urbanization is the wave of the future. To the extent that if you live “in the country” you are increasingly “on your own” as far as being able to get from point A to Point B. Mobility, ease of movement, transportation infrastructure in areas outside the cities is increasingly less important to the Sovereign States, it seems. Case in point [...]

Yahya Hussein Ahmad Melhem 001

Re-blogged from Creeping Sharia He was attending the Middle Eastern Islamic Librarian conference. Hussein Ahmad is likely a “well-vetted” immigrant of some sort. via Harvard librarian arrested on trip to Colorado to molest girl – Boulder Daily Camera A Harvard University librarian was arrested after he traveled to ...

Commissar Valerie Jarrett warned that Obama’s Year 8 would be a year just full of surprises. We are now getting an idea of what that means. He released his final rule making schedule to force through his legacy fiats. It will be much harder to get rid of rules than executive orders, policy memorandums, and guidance issuances. Obama passed one rule a day since coming to office, costing businesses $700 billion. The economy can’t [...]

Laquan McDonald

Laquan McDonald A white police officer was charged with First Degree Murder for the shooting death of 17-year old Laquan McDonald who was black but it took a year for the charges to be made. The dashcam video was released today and it appears that the boy did nothing to deserve the 16 rounds that were fired into him. He was walking away with a knife in his hand, not menacing anyone and there [...]

screenshot of video footage of Russian helicopters being destroyed by FSA

    Zero Hedge by Tyler Durden The news is coming fast and furious out of Syria on Tuesday where, earlier today, Turkey decided to shoot down a Russian Su-24 which Ankara says violated its airspace while conducting operations near the border. Russia says the fighter jet was ...

  Der Spiegel by Christoph Reuter “It was a terrible night. We heard the roar of the jets, the detonations. Then, the power suddenly went out and everything sunk into darkness,” the young woman on the phone says. She said that she could only see the flashes from ...
Pentagon uses Russian footage to depict bombings on ISIS

  Re-blogged from TomFernandez28’s Blog Apparently being unable to find any footage of the US Air Force strikes against Islamic State’s oil infrastructure, PBS NewsHour spliced Russian Defense Ministry’s video into their report – but it did not go unnoticed. TrendsRussian anti-terror op in Syria The PBS report ...
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  Republican Party 2016 presidential primary candidate, Senator Ted Cruz released a blistering new ad yesterday in response to Barack Obama’s failed anti- Islamic State strategy that led to the so-called Syrian refugee crisis and Obama’s assault on Cruz earlier this week. Sean Hannity interviewed Cruz the night ...
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  I cannot imagine one person on the planet being surprised about this revelation of the Muslim-in-chief.  About the only ones Barack Obama has been degrading in that part of the world are the Christians, Jews and Yazidis dying at the knife of the jihadists he hearts. Re-blogged ...
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Barack Obama, Haim - Saban Forum, December 2013 (screenshot)

In today’s edition of Democrats Sure Got It Good, our friends at The Wrap have reported an important story about a major Hillary Clinton supporter. Unfortunately for The Wrap, their excellent reporting will not get the attention it deserves. The DC Media has already protected Clinton from a supporter who spoke lovingly Wednesday of Franklin Roosevelt’s Japanese internment camps . She will also be protected from a high-profile supporter calling for “more scrutiny” of [...]

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American flag

Prepared and Dedicated to Phil aka Grumpy Elder by Space Coast Conservative   He was only ten minutes old when he first met the greatest man in his life. When he was two, he’d walk daily with his Grandpa around the block and sit quietly in his lap as ...
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Ted and Heidi Cruz at a rally in Houston March 2015 - source MaverickLittle Wikipedia CCBYSA4.0 license

Most of us are beginning to lean (not choose) toward a presidential candidate, one more than the other. None are without blemish, as they are all human. Ted Cruz has a solid record of conservatism, but his wife Heidi worked for the hated Goldman Sachs, resigning when her husband declared for the Oval Office. Mrs. Cruz was at one time, a member of the liberal, hated Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Freedom Outpost had [...]

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Grumpy Elder

  Pursuant to an email received from Phil’s daughter Chrystal, due to unforeseen circumstances, Phil’s memorial has been pushed back.  Please note date, time and place of Grumpy’s memorial as follows: DATE:            Monday, December 28 TIME:             12:00 pm PLACE:          Ft. Lincoln Cemetery LOCATION:  ...
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