July 23, 2016

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Top DNC Official Wanted To Smear Bernie Sanders For Being Jewish

It is going to be quite interesting watching the DNC roll out it’s platform on religion. The Federalist “He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist.” In a recent e-mail sent to several Democratic party staff, a top ...
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Watchdog Groups File Brief in Support of Upholding NC Voter ID Law

Watchdog Groups File Brief in Support of Upholding NC Voter ID Law

Lady Liberty 1885 by A. P. Dillon Judicial Watch has joined with the Allied Educational Foundation (AEF) in filing a brief in support of Governor McCrory’s quest that the courts uphold North Carolina’s voter ID law.. Excerpt from the Judicial Watch press release: Judicial Watch announced today it has joined ...
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Rudy Giuliani Florida Delegation Breakfast FULL Speech 7/20/16

  Published on Jul 20, 2016 by LesGrossman2015 Florida Delegation Breakfast Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Dick Morris spoke at a Florida delegation breakfast in Cleveland as the Republican National Convention entered its third day. I see our former mayor is hoarse from that very exciting ...
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Tom Vilsack

Prepare for a Possible Surprise Pick for Dem VP

Tom Vilsack, according to the Washington Post, has recently emerged as a leading contender as Hillary Clinton’s VP. He’s been a mayor, state senator and a governor, and he’s currently the head of the U.S. Agriculture Department who are busy telling Americans what to eat. He will do anything ...
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winston churchill v is for victory photo created by uk government source wikimedia commons CROPPED

American Minute: “V” for Victory – “Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization…” -Winston Churchill

American Minute with Bill Federer “V” for Victory! It was on JULY 19, 1941, that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill held up two fingers as a sign of victory. It became a symbol for all Western European resistance during WWII, with V’s painted on walls and over Nazi ...
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A Day for Videos

We the People of the United States by Miri Today seems to be a day to present select videos rather than to bloviate.  Pat Smith, still waiting for answers from Hillary Clinton and still thankfully being a thorn in that mendacious woman’s side: Someday, perhaps, Ms. Smith will ...
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Corey Batey

Sympathy Pours Out for Black College Football Star Who Rapes, Degrades White Woman

A former Vanderbilt University football player Cory Batey was sentenced to the lightest sentence possible — 15 years in prison in Tennessee and sympathy poured out for Mr. Batey. “It is one of the saddest cases that I have ever encountered,” Criminal Court Judge Monte Watkins said. “And ...
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Sheriff David Clarke Crushes Don Lemon Over Hateful Black Lives Matter

  Sheriff David Clarke, a no b.s. kind of guy, does not beat around the bush nor does he allow anyone else to beat around the bush.  CNN’s Don Lemon is definitely out of his league. Enjoy the fireworks as Don Lemon tries to control the discussion and ...
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Baton Rouge Cop Killer Gavin Eugene Long Was NATION OF ISLAM Member

Islamic terrorist?  Domestic terrorist? Or will they push the “he had mental issues” meme? Pamela Geller.com by Pamela Geller Justlike the Dallas cop killer. Obama’s old pals. The Fruit of Islam (the male-only paramilitary wing of the Nation of Islam) provided his security when he was campaigning in ...
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Cleveland Police Are Heartbroken, Worried and Out on a Limb by Themselves Ahead of RNC

When Obama gave his statement about the Baton Rouge police today, he seemed angry as he complained about the inflammatory rhetoric and careless accusations made to score points. Was he referring to some of the comments made today blaming him for the divisiveness? Probably. He is responsible for ...
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Breitbart’s Kassam Destroys Pro-Shariah Muslim American On Sean Hannity Show

  Amazing.  Even some Muslims are ignorant about Shariah law as demonstrated by Raheem Kassam of Breitbart London (above) when he set the record straight with a Muslim caller the other day to Sean Hannity’s radio program. Breitbart London Speaking on the top-ranked syndicated Sean Hannity radio show ...
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Target New Hampshire store - Wikimedia Commons public domain

Target Changing Room Policy Bites Them In The Ass | Lady Liberty 1885

Target built this mess.  They put political correctness and profits over the well-being and safety of their customers. Lady Liberty 1885 by A. P. Dillon Via Local News 8 in Idaho: A man who identifies as a transgender woman has been arrested after they took photos of other ...
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Crooked Hillary Pokemon NO posted by Donald Trump on his page

BRILLIANT! Trump’s Pokémon Go Parody — “Crooked Hillary No!”

The following is posted on Donald Trump’s Facebook page.  H/t @AuditTheMedia (who shared it on Twitter.) Like Trump or hate him.  The Pokémon Go Parody entitled “Crooked Hillary No!” is brilliant and has garnered more than 10M views, 49,000 comments and 175,538 shares on FB from people around ...
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‘Chicago Sun-Times’ Tries to Lecture Cleveland on Gun Violence

PJ Media by Tom Knighton The news reports coming out of Chicago indicate that the Windy City is more of a war zone than most of the United States. There’s a reason some folks like to call it Chiraq, after all. It’s downright ugly. However, that’s not going ...
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