May 4, 2016

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Might as well have one more Confederate monument removal story

Hot Air by Jazz Shaw The whitewashing of history continues in the era of political correctness. This time our seemingly never ending story arc takes us to Louisville, Kentucky, where the Mayor has taken it upon himself to order the removal of a more than one century old ...
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It’s looking like Trump will be the GOP nominee for the White House

Canada Free Press by Dag Barkley You mean urge more mob riots, more immigrants, and more of your shady executive orders? Don’t forget a pardon for Hillary Continue Reading Source:  Dag Barkley, Canada Free– It’s looking like Trump will be the GOP nominee for the White House ...
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courtesy of Dan Farber-Flickr (cc)

Former Facebook Curator: We Pick What’s Trending; ‘Regularly Avoid’ Promoting Breitbart, The Blaze

Breitbart News by Breitbart Tech A former curator of Facebook’s trending news section has revealed that the company purposely suppresses content from blacklisted outlets including Breitbart News, despite Breitbart remaining in the top 25 most engaged publications on the social network for 6 months in a row. The ...
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CRUZ 854081161001_4874760079001_Cruz--Trump-Supporter


The Marshall Report by Dianne Marshall Idiot Cruz thinks he is such a good debater he can debate American Trump supporters. He has no clue that Trump speak is our speak. Good old honest truth! Cruz went with the press into the Trump crowd…bad idea.  The scene went ...
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Derivative (Orig. photo by Michael Novac Flickr cc)

Hillary Wants to Make It Illegal to Criticize Her

Powerline by John Hinderaker In an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN yesterday, Hillary Clinton had this to say about the Citizens United decision: I really respect the important point of getting money out of politics. Remember, Citizens United was an attack on me, so I take it ...
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women and the draft

Drafting Women Means Equality in Slavery

Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity by Ron Paul   Last week the House Armed Services Committee approved an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act requiring women to register with Selective Service. This means that if Congress ever brings back the draft, women will be forcibly ...
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Hillary Clinton Victory Fund

Less than 1% of Hillary Victory Fund Goes to Down-Ballot Progressives

Politico by Kenneth P. Vogel and Isaac Arnsdorf In the days before Hillary Clinton launched an unprecedented big-money fundraising vehicle with state parties last summer, she vowed “to rebuild our party from the ground up,” proclaiming “when our state parties are strong, we win. That’s what will happen.” ...
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Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly on The Sean Hannity Radio Show (4/22/2016)

Below is the audio of an interesting discussion between Dr. Gina Loudon, guest host of The Sean Hannity Radio Show and Phyllis Schlafly, Founder and Chairman of Eagle Forum (published on YouTube Apr 23, 2016 by Citizen Of The Planet). Miss Schlafly discusses her book, “A Choice Not ...
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Huffington Post goon Ryan Grim and Fox News Jesse Watters screenshot

HuffPost Goon Harasses FOX News Host Jesse Watters – Gets Pounded at US Institute of Peace

His name is Jesse Watters and Huffington Post Progressive goon, Ryan Grim stepped into his world and according to the story, got pounded for it. The Gateway Pundit by Jim Hoft Huffington Post goon Ryan Grim harassed FOX News host Jesse Watters at a White House Correspondent’s Dinner ...
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chuck todd ted cruz on meet the press screenshot

Voters rejecTED – Chuck Todd vs Ted Cruz: “Will you please, just answer the question”… | The Last Refuge

On Sunday morning’s Meet the Press, things got a little heated between Chuck Todd and Senator Ted Cruz when Todd repeatedly asked Cruz if he would support Donald Trump if Trump became the 2016 Republic Party presidential nominee. Cruz danced all around the question spewing talking points even accusing ...
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In California Jamiel Shaw Whose Son was Shot by Illegal Alien Joins Trump on Stage

THIS WAS AMAZING. Jamiel Shaw, whose son Jas was murdered by an illegal alien, joined Donald Trump at his rally in Costa Mesa, California. (by Jim Hoft) Continue Reading — In California Jamiel Shaw Whose Son was Shot by Illegal Alien Joins Trump on Stage ...
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Source: Ruffino, Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Welcome To Socialism: Venezuela To Run Out Of Beer

Pirate’s Cove by William Teach   When we discuss Socialism*, we do need to highlight what it is now and then. According to the political science definition, Socialism is part of the Democratic Model, being on “the left”, with Liberalism, often referred to as Classical Liberalism now (this ...
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target (2)

Undercover Video Proves That Men — NOT Transgendered People, But Men — Can Use the Women’s Restroom at Target Now

D. C. Clothesline by Piper McGowin   When a man decided to hide a camera in his shirt pocket and go to Target to test out the store’s new bathroom policy, he got affirmation of a lot more than just the fact that this has nothing to do ...
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International Democratic Union aka IDU

Republican National Party Is Member Of International Democrat Union (IDU)

  In these modern, strong delusional times, it is often hard to see the forest through the trees and to distinguish the lies from reality. Even the principles of law conclude that a lie may be confirmed and ratified as a legal “truth,” that black may be declared ...
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