September 28, 2016
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monster truck

No Gas Car For You!

  .  Yes, I know that today is New Year’s Eve day.  And yup, I also know that your mind (well, my mind, at least) is running a bit slowly following the acres of candy, cookies, and mass quantities of food eaten over the Christmas Holiday with family ...
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Climate Change – Pre-hysterical Climate Change

Image:  Investors Business Daily . Yup, you’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again today.  YOU (personally) are destroying the Earth!  Bad human!   Bad!!! . As a by-product of your existence – you harm the planet which nurtures, feeds, and loves you (and loves you without measure).  ...
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///ADDITIONAL INFO: 03.ocr.headon_cutout.0125.db.jpg -- 1/26/15 -- PHOTO BY DAVID BRO, CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER----A head on collision between a BMW sedan and a mini-van shut down Camino Capistrano in San Juan Capistrano on Monday afternoon.  Orange County Fire Authority Fire Fighters used cutting tools to pull the driver of the BMW out of the car.  The collision left both vehicles in the middle of the road just south of the entrance to Rancho Capistrano.

Driving Inequality

. Once again I am reminded of how COMPLETELY unfair Life/America/Fate (all terms equally interchangeable at this point) is.  This Sunday morning I am shamed into admitting that my life is just TOO DARN GOOD.  (I need to work on this…)  . Why?  Because, of course, I am ...
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Cecil Killer Dentist

A Tail of Two Cecil(e)s

. First and last time I’m going to say this.   . Yeah, bummer about the lion.    . Having said this, can we spend a moment discussing the difference in bandwidth, which this coverage and another story are getting nationally?  Turn on the television and there’s a photo of ...
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maggies body shop

Maggie’s Parts Counter and Body Shop

. . Over the past few weeks you may have heard about several videos released by the The Center for Medical Progress which captures ‘CMP’ undercover staff arranging and haggling for the procurement of ‘body parts’ from Planned Parenthood representatives (BONUS:  while drinking wine and having a nice ...
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I dunno

Cold? Seriously, Cold???

If I ever get out of the ‘Wonderful World of Sales’ I may just turn to a career in, um, I dunno, perhaps, one having to do with ‘Science’!  Just think of it, I could be a SCIENTIST, a real, honest-to-goodness-scientist sporting a wicked-cool white lab coat, a ...
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Attention College Graduates! (This Man is a Moron)

Lee Siegel – Author, Cultural Critic, and Student Loan Deadbeat . Okay, just for the record, this is NOT me.  I wear glasses, I probably have 20 pounds on this guy, and I work for a living.  The only thing we most likely we have in common is ...
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reid alien

Re-Reiding Harry

 . I wrote the post below in August of 2012, just prior to the 2012 Presidential Elections between President Obama and Mitt Romney.  Given Harry’s recent ‘retirement’ announcement from the Senate (yeah, but he’s still going to hang around for almost two full years – don’t smile just ...
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Michelle Obama

Why Don’t White Girls Rock???

. NEWARK, N.J. (AP), March 28, 2015 — First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated the beauty, power and tenacity of black women while spreading her own message of education for girls at Black Girls Rock!, an annual event honoring trailblazing women of color from all walks of life. . ...
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On Top of Mount Everest, All Covered in Pooh…

. “On top of old Everest,  all covered in pooh, I lost my own Sherpa,  when he fell into goo… . On top of old Everest, I went there to boast, One wrong step backwards, My guide? Now he’s a ghost “  (Apologies to Burl Ives, and to ...
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Kerry Idiot

John Kerry – The “Moveable Feast” of Idiocy

 . You know, I haven’t spent nearly enough time speaking about John Kerry.  Yes, John Forbes Kerry, current Secretary of State, Former Senator from Massachusetts (1985 – 2013) and, the singular reason why I personally have no Heinz products in my home.    .  .   Can we be honest ...
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If an Obama Administration Official Isn’t Lying…  Do They Ever Make a Sound?

If an Obama Administration Official Isn’t Lying… Do They Ever Make a Sound?

“Hey, did you hear that?” . Yes, today’s post is a variant of the “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?, thing.” . Robert (feel free to call him ‘Bob’, ‘Bobby’, or simply, ‘Lyin Bob’) ...
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i Earth

Scary Things

It has occurred to me that there are things which you should fear because they might actually cause you harm (either physically OR emotionally).   However, there are also things which other people tell you that you should be really, really afraid of and, well, you’ll see.  Things (my ...

Barack Obama – The Interstellar Peace Maker

Dirk Benedict – tanned, rested, and ready for the challenge ahead . December 23, 2014:  Stand by for Breaking Moos! . The entire Earth today breathes a collective sigh of relief as United States’ President Barack Obama announces that he has normalized relations with… . The Cylon Empire! ...
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