Progressives in the North West to begin Project Beautiful

Progressives in the North West to begin Project Beautiful

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You know the saying, “There goes the neighborhood.”

What else should the do with FEMA monies burning holes in their pockets?

Oregonians are noted for their progressive take on life, and like virtually all ideas that are spun from their minds, little consequences is paid to the long-term consequences.

Did the city council change the zoning laws?

What about those who live in a neighborhood and don’t want their neighborhoods filled with what would be essentially wooden tent cities?

Tree huggers can be easily found among them, just take a hike in the woods.

“Exposing the incompetence of government one article at a time.”

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler went on a brief tour of the Kenton Neighborhood Tiny Home Pilot houses in Northeast Portland Tuesday afternoon.

The tour was held in advance of Wednesday’s meeting of the Kenton Neighborhood Association to vote on a Good Neighbor Agreement, which would allow for the houses to be placed in the neighborhood, a move the mayor supports. March 7, 2017

The Oregonian by Molly Harbarger  

With more than $300,000 and volunteer homeowners, Multnomah County has a new idea to fight homelessness: Build tiny houses in people’s backyards and rent them out to families with children now living on the street.

The homeowners would pay nothing for the construction.

They would become landlords and maintain the units for homeless families for five years[…]

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