A Bust: First Trump-Merkel Meeting

A Bust: First Trump-Merkel Meeting

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With her abysmal failure at dealing with her countries refugee problems, it’s truly amazing that she was elected to a fourth term.

With Angela Merkel facing criticism over her controversial open migration policy, could she lose the federal election later this year?

The two leaders share different views on trade, Russia, and immigration, leading to some uncomfortable moments at a joint news conference on Friday in which they took pains to downplay differences that were hard to mask.

Trump a strong supporter of NATO, pressed the chancellor to get up to date on its payments to the organization. (Source)

U.K. Express by Alice Foster

US President Donald Trump has said that Angela Merkel‘s one “very catastrophic mistake” was “taking all of these illegals” at the height of the migrant crisis. Mrs. Merkel fateful decision to open the doors to refugees sparked anger and protests across much of Germany. “If I could, I would turn back the time by many, many years, to prepare better,” she later admitted[…]

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