Navy SEALs startled by Yemeni combat readiness in January mission

Navy SEALs startled by Yemeni combat readiness in January mission

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New intelligence gleaned from after operation intelligence report.

Some likely useful.Some likely excuse making. It’s a shame when any member of a combat team is killed or injured, especially those in the United States Special Forces.

Firefight with al Qaeda limited collection of digital intelligence data.

Slain SEAL’s Father Calls for Expanded Investigation of Yemen Raid


Washington Times by Rowan Scarborough

An after-action review of the deadly SEAL Team 6 raid of a terrorist compound in Yemen shows that the Jan. 29 mission was not compromised, but it also concludes that the enemy was more ready to fight than expected and that women in one building surprised the commandos by firing weapons.

A house for family members within the terrorist compound was deemed not a major concern, based on an assumption that civilians would not likely fight, a U.S. military source told The Washington Times.

The SEAL team had hoped to collect more digital intelligence data, but a fierce firefight prevented a fuller search-and-seizure operation[…]

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