Leftist Collaborators Are Bullying Gays Who Are Jewish

Leftist Collaborators Are Bullying Gays Who Are Jewish

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Leftist Collaborators Are Beating Up Patriotic Gays Who Are Jewish

I am not a tolerant person with the gay lifestyle and I never will be. I do not, however, beat them up because of my beliefs.   Gays are not tolerant with my over-eating habits & tomboy-like fashion and never will be.. Tit for tat..  I have had more than a few gay friends in my life, my being in show-biz.

However, when leftist fascists are  bullying them or anyone else who is patriotic, I will be there as much as I can.   A Pinko-lite, Fox news, Megyn Kelly type fan boy named “Jon Decker”  (who works for FOX news) bullied a young gay dude who’s Grandparents went through the Holocaust.  This gay kid is also a writer for The Gateway Pundit.  I know I have scolded Jim Hoft before but he is a patriot and we all have to stick together, like or dislike.

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