9th Circuit Court Just Changed Their Minds About Trumps Immigration Order!

9th Circuit Court Just Changed Their Minds About Trumps Immigration Order!

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The victory celebrated by illegal aliens, Progressives and media propagandists against President Trump’s executive order being put on hold by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals appears to have been short lived.

It has much to do with two factors

Maine Republic Email Alert by David Robinson

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided to go against President Trump’s immigration ban by overturning that order and allowing travelers to come to the U.S. freely from the seven terrorist-tied countries in question. Now, just a couple of days later, immigrants aren’t cheering anymore as they just found out the secret way the court just screwed them with one key detail they “forgot” to say — and it’s pretty perfect.

These people are not citizens, so why should they be able to benefit off those who are? This is precisely one of the issues hardworking Americans have with immigrants who have access to all the good things our tax funds afford them. However, the court who granted them permission to stay also just took one particularly important freebie away[…]

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You can view the Ninth Circuit of Appeals Opinion in its entirety here.

One final note.  Can’t wait to see the next executive order(s).

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