Stop wringing your hands and get involved!

Stop wringing your hands and get involved!

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Silly me, I thought that the role of the Supreme Court is to interpret the law, not to make laws nor to abolish existing laws. Could I have been wrong? Could all of the government classes that were taught at San Diego High School, that I attended, have been amiss, false and fraudulent? I don’t think so!

I think the problem lies with the members of the Supreme Court. They, both factions, are partisan when it comes to making decisions on an issue. They also venture into areas in which they have no jurisdiction. The laws are on the books; the SCOTUS is merely present to define, clarify and explain existing laws.

Of course, they, being human, have exceeded their authority.

[pullquote]”Every prudent and cautious judge…will remember that his duty and his business is not to make the law, but to interpret and apply it.” James Wilson.  Lectures on Law, 1791[/pullquote]

We wring our hands and we cry foul and we wonder what can be done to alleviate the problem. The SCOTUS members are appointees of a POTUS with an an agenda and a party affiliation and the appointments are, alas, for life. Each member knows that once appointed, they, no matter how they vote on an issue, they are safe from any election that would oust them from their comfort zones.

These days, when people, due to advancements in medicine, live longer than they did a hundred years ago. The body is in relatively good health but sometimes the mind, for one reason or another, fails. That fact could be an argument for the changing of the rule to electing members of SCOTUS by the public.

The recent “rulings” by SCOTUS on Gay Marriage, was a complete farce. They have no right to define that. An overwhelming number of American citizens are totally anti-gay marriage. We all know, by this stage, that the LGBTQ contingent comprises a mere 2.5% of the population. How have they, with such a tiny percentage, managed to strong-arm this entire country into allowing this travesty?

If you are outraged and in the other 97.5%, then I want to offer you a solution. I have a friend who has a plan to defeat this abomination. It’s doable, nonviolent, cost-free, easy and will produce results! Contact my friend at:


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