Don’t Blame Christianity For Islam’s Violence

Don’t Blame Christianity For Islam’s Violence

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Christianity vs Islam

LD Jackson

For the past several posts, most of my attention has been focused on Islam and the evil and violence that accompanies it wherever it migrates. It doesn’t matter if it is England or America, violence seems to follow along. I shared a post on Facebook this morning that shows exactly that. My good friend Charles Phipps at OK Politechs lays out the case perfectly, describing how Islam in his post, Islam: The Evil Invading America. Since I have shared that post, I have been in a discussion with someone on Facebook about my fears. Their first comment on the post went something like this.

What about the evil in the bible?

I responded by pointing out the difference between what took place in the Old and New Testaments and I was then asked if I would like to see a list of Christian atrocities. When I explained that Islam was breeding violence in today’s world, not Christianity, I was informed I shouldn’t throw stones because I lived in a glass house.

I realize that not everyone who reads Political Realities is a Christian. I don’t have a problem with that, as the blog is not centered around my faith. Even if it was, anyone who was interested in what I have to say would be welcome to read my rantings. My question to the Christians who do read this blog, as well as to anyone else who would care to chime it, why does everything that is wrong with the world today have to be laid at the feet of Christianity?


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