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July 13, 2014 Grumpy Daily Headlines

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The Most Important Supreme Court Cases of 2013

Shared by
Drew McKissick

dailysignal.com – Justice Thomas penned the unanimous decision in this First Amendment case coming out of Ohio. Ohio has a convoluted scheme that criminalizes “false” statements made during a political campaign. A p…

Biological Warfare

Shared by
Canada Free Press

canadafreepress.com – The government, under the direct orders of Barack Hussein Obama, is not just allowing, but facilitating and paying for, the invasion of America by hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals, many o…

Fund: Judges Ordering IRS Employees to Testify on Lerner E-mail Is ‘a Major Step Forward’

Shared by
Dean Meek

nationalreview.com – Fund: Judges Ordering IRS Employees to Testify on Lerner E-mail Is ‘a Major Step Forward’ Fund: Judges Ordering IRS Employees to Testify on Lerner E-mail Is ‘a Major Step Forward’ Our Chronically R…

GOP Senator: “I might be next”

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us2.campaign-archive2.com – Fellow Conservatives: Eric Cantor’s defeat in Virginia has the Washington establishment concerned that the grassroots could rise up and defeat them too. Nobody is more worried about this than U.S. …

Petition: Secure the Border

Shared by
~~ Lady Liberty ~~

rickperry.org – Gov. Rick Perry has long been an advocate for border security. And since 2012, Gov. Perry has been warning President Barack Obama that a crisis is happening on the border between Texas and Mexico. …

‘I,’ ‘Me,’ ‘My’—Obama Uses First Person Singular 199 Times in Speech Vowing Unilateral Action

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cnsnews.com – Not counting instances when he quoted a letter from a citizen or cited dialogue from a movie, President Barack Obama used the first person singular–including the pronouns “I” and “me” and the adje…

PJ Media » Lerner Cautioned Colleagues That Congress Could Read Their Emails

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PJ Media

pjmedia.com – WASHINGTON – House Republicans released emails on Wednesday showing that Louis Lerner, the former Internal Revenue Service official at the center of the tea party scandal, warned her colleagues “to…

I have changed my mind – I now am suspicious that LOIS LERNER or SOMEONE DELIBERATELY – not just coincidentally or accidentally – CRASHED THE EMAILS AT THE IRS

Shared by
The Mad Jewess

gretawire.foxnewsinsider.com – Unlike many others, I have been resistant to the thought the email hard drive was deliberately crashed.   I thought it was coincidence — and a real lucky one for Lois Lerner.  I have been suspiciou…

Obama’s Split-Screen Presidency: Relishing the Roadshow While His Agenda Flounders in D.C. | Video

Shared by
Billy Hallowell

theblaze.com – WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — On one hand there’s a confident Barack Obama making campaign-style stops around the country and ridiculing his political opponents to the delight of cheering supporters; …

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s religious test

Shared by
NY Post Opinion

nypost.com – Chuck Schumer has an odd view of the First Amendment. If on the basis of religious conviction you refuse to pay for something Schumer wants you to pay for, he believes you forfeit your right to hav…

GOP Establisment: Congress Should Give Obama ‘Blank Check’ to Address Border Crisis

Shared by
Bob Mack

breitbart.com – And they are doing so to liberal outlets like the Huffington Post. Since only $400 million of those funds would actually go to strengthen border security, Republicans have been wary of giving the O…

McDaniel Supporters Allege Fundraising Violations by NRSC – The Daily Beast

Shared by
Jamie Weinstein

thedailybeast.com – There’s “no proof that this theory is true but no proof that it is not true” either. After months of a bizarre racially charged campaign featuring a nursing home break-in, an anarchic conference ca…

10AM-1PM ET on SXM 125: ‘Breitbart News Saturday’ Live from Border

Shared by
Andy Wendt

breitbart.com – From 10AM to 1PM ET, Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 will be live from the U.S.-Mexico border with co-host Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon interviewing …

Harry Reid Slammed By Hometown Paper For ‘Race-Baiting’

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dailycaller.com – The largest newspaper in Nevada is taking the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to task, saying that the Democrat’s recent comments about Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas highlight a pattern o…

Amnesty John McCain wants ankle bracelets for diseased illegals : Fire Andrea Mitchell!

Shared by

fireandreamitchell.com – Amnesty John McCain has a new way to keep track of diseased illegals waiting for their deportation hearings. McCain wants to put ankle bracelets on illegals who are waiting for their hearings. What…

Thomas Sowell | America: The Movie

Shared by

americathemovie.com – America’s freedom has never been easy. If you remember your school days stories of Nathan Hale, Dolly Madison, Francis Marion — even Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin, you know it has always come…

WATCH – Democrat Icon/MSM Hero/La Raza Founder: ‘We Have Got To Eliminate The White Man. We Have Got To Kill Him’ « Pat Dollard

Shared by
Patrick Dollard

patdollard.com – Bill Clinton gave this aspiring mass murderer the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In addition to co-founding La Raza, he is also an attorney and professor at the University of Texas at Arlington. Da…

Ted Cruz Calls for Vote Fraud Probe – Patriot Action Network

Shared by
Conservative Cmte.

patriotaction.net – McDaniel’s campaign has already found more 5,000 improper votes cast, and tens of thousands of more votes are now in question – far in excess of Thad Cochran’s margin of victory on the day of the r…

Republican Jews Alarmed at the Prospect of a Void in the House and Senate – NYTimes.com

Shared by
Jamie Weinstein

nytimes.com – WASHINGTON — Jewish Republicans know they are not many in number. But at a recent gathering at the St. Regis Hotel in downtown Washington, they pondered the meaning of an especially alarming figure…

The Answer to Rush Limbaugh’s Question – Patriot Action Network

Shared by
Conservative Cmte.

patriotaction.net – Traveling down I-95 headed home to Florida from visiting Mary and my parents in Maryland and West Virginia, I found myself yelling in frustration at my radio. Rush Limbaugh asked who gives the Left…

What is Obama hiding in those immigrant camps?

Shared by
Tom Jurman

allenbwest.com – I know I’m not the only one bothered by the nagging question that must be asked and answered: “what is going on at these holding facilities for these illegal immigrants?” I refuse to refer to these…

McCain wants ankle bracelets for those awaiting deportation hearings

Shared by
Chuck Nellis

foxnews.com – Arizona’s two Republican senators are set to introduce legislation next week to deal with unaccompanied children and others illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border that includes ankle-bracelet mo…

Feds Spend $1,000 Per Bed for Illegal Aliens – Tea Party News

Shared by
James R. Willis Jr.

teaparty.org – At a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing Wednesday, President Barack Obama’s Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Burwell said that beds for illegal immigrant children can cost the …

Illegals now taking precedent over veterans for health care : Fire Andrea Mitchell!

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fireandreamitchell.com – As bad as the VA already was, it’s actually getting worse all because of Obama’s diseased illegals flooding the border. Check out what happened to this woman’s father who had a regularly scheduled …

Concealed carry groups sue Ohio State University over campus gun ban

Shared by

guns.com – Two concealed carry advocacy groups have filed suit against Ohio State University, calling the school’s zero-tolerance policies on firearms on campus unlawful. The groups, Ohioans for Concealed Car…

Don Mashak – National Precinct Activists 2010 (Cincinnati, OH) – Meetup

Shared by
Don Mashak

meetup.com – The Precinct System has been set up for almost 200 years, and is the only peaceful and constitutional way to take back our country. This Meetup is devoted to training normal Americans about how to …

Shared by
Conservative Cmte.

go.alpha.mailsquadron.com – If you needed yet another reason to support Conservative Republican Joe Carr’s campaign for U.S. Senate in Tennessee, here is yet another one.  FEC records we have obtained show that Lamar Alexande…

RR: Angry Clingers UNITE!

Shared by
Reaganite Republican

reaganiterepublicanresistance.blogspot.com – The Reaganite Republican welcomes your comments…

NRA-ILA | Biden Bloomberg Describe Second Amendment Supporters with Vulgarities and Slurs

Shared by

nraila.org – What is it with the elitist political class and their insulting, arrogant, even vulgar comments about gun owners and others who live in Heartland America? It’s been going on a long time and continu…

Even Newborns Get Sent Contraception ID Cards Under Obamacare Mandate

Shared by
Ophidian Pilot

weaselzippers.us – You never know what those newborns could be up to… I got an email the other day from one of our listeners in Lubbock, Texas. He’s pretty fired up because his health care provider sent his daughter …

President’s Constitutional Duties

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ehow.com – The job of president is also an executive position responsible for the daily maintenance of the federal government. In that capacity, the Constitution allows the president to negotiate with other n…

Border Battle: Obama Blames GOP for Influx of Minors; Vows Action :: Grabien – The Multimedia Marketplace

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grabien.com – Obama Says He’ll Order Action to Aid Immigrants (The New York Times) WASHINGTON — President Obama said Monday he would use his executive power to make potentially sweeping changes to the nation’s i…

These States Are Rebelling Against Barack H. Obama

Shared by
Rudy Ryan
conservativetribune.com – Numerous states have grown tired of the terrible overreach by the massive leviathan that is the federal government.  States are beginning to fight back by reclaiming their sovereignty and state’s r…

California State Employers Can No Longer Ask for Criminal History on Job Applications

Shared by
Political Guru

breitbart.com – According to the language of AB 218, authored by Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, “a state or local agency shall not ask an applicant for employment to disclose, orally or in writing, information conce…

Good Samaritan utilizes new gun law

Shared by

heraldtribune.com – The gun owner, Edwin Sullivan, fired a warning shot causing the attacker to freeze, which deputies said saved the victim’s life. The “Threatened Use of Force” bill, which was also known somewhat in…

Holder DOJ Finally Finds A Scandal Worth Investigating – An Anti-Obama Parade Float

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breitbart.com – The U.S. Department of Justice sent a member of its “Community Relations Service team” to Norfolk, Nebraska, earlier this week, to look into allegations of discrimination over a controversial float…

The PJ Tatler » Rep. Gutierrez Blasts Senator Kirk for Suggesting Criminal Background Checks on Illegals

Shared by
Marty Smith

pjmedia.com – The top secret operation to move illegal alien children from detention centers near the border to locations throughout the United States is continuing with the government now engaging Catholic chur…

Should the IRS be Audited?

Shared by
Charles Kienast

pages.townhall.com – The IRS has recently come under fire for targeting conservative groups and other unethical and illegal practices. As investigations continue to shed the light on potential acts of corruption, a pen…

Corrine Brown Calls Florida Redistricting Decision ‘Seriously Flawed’

Shared by
O’s Bloody Hands

weaselzippers.us – “Overturning the current District 5 map ignores the essential redistricting principle of maintaining communities of interest or minority access districts. Certainly, minority communities do not liv…

Transportation Empowerment Act

Shared by

tomgraves.house.gov – “People want to spend less time in traffic and more time enjoying life. Our bill does away with the Washington middleman and streamlines the highway program, allowing more projects to be completed …

Don Lemon Tells Paul Rodriguez He Can’t Want to Deport Illegals Because He’s an Immigrant!

Shared by

soopermexican.com – The popular Mexican-born comedian Paul Rodriguez shocked the CNN panel on illegal immigration when he advocated for deportation for illegal immigrants. Shamelessly, Don Lemon accosted him by insinu…

Harry Reid lambasted by black conservatives after calling Justice Thomas white – Washington Times

Shared by
Project 21

washingtontimes.com – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s description of Justice Clarence Thomas as one of “five white men” triggered a backlash Wednesday on social media from black conservatives. Mr. Reid’s gaffe promp…

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