NYC Charter Wars Update – #Charterswork (UPDATED)

NYC Charter Wars Update – #Charterswork (UPDATED)

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UPDATE: Having amended their mantra from “it’s for the children” to “it’s for the disabled children,” anti-charter school advocates the likes of one can expect to include Bertha Lewis, formerly of the corrupt and now defunct ACORN and no doubt with the backing of the teachers’ union funding will stage a protest today outside of Success Academy’s Harlem 4.

Remembering Occupy Wall Street, my bet is that the protesters will intimidate, harass and threaten students of Success Academy and their parents at 4:30 p.m. when classes let out.


A charter schools network is challenging Mayor de Blasio's (inset) decision to cancel the siting of three schools. Photo: Riyad Hasan/NYPOST.
A charter schools network is challenging Mayor de Blasio’s (inset) decision to cancel the siting of three schools. Photo: Riyad Hasan/NYPOST.



As if Bill de Blasio’s stance on NYC’s charter schools not far left enough, many of Sandinista Bill’s comrades have concluded that the mayor’s assault on charter schools, which is only the beginning, did not go far enough. Thus, they have decided to push the envelope in the war against charter schools by filing a lawsuit against de Blasio.

NYC Communists sue de Blasio for not overturning additional charter school co-locations.


“…Upset that the mayor didn’t go far enough, Public Advocate Letitia James and Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito are moving ahead with their lawsuit to overturn other charter school co-locations that were approved by de Blasio last week, The Post has learned.

James is hosting an emergency meeting with parents in Brooklyn on Saturday to discuss the decision to proceed with the suit. She had pulled back on the litigation pending action by Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina and City Hall….”

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