March 1, 2013 Grumpy Daily Headlines

March 1, 2013 Grumpy Daily Headlines

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This is not Ukraine: Venezuela will erode, not explode

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Reuters Top News – Presidents beleaguered by mass protests seem to use the same phrasebook. After protests turned exceptionally violent in Ukraine, the security agency waged an “anti-terrorist operation” in retaliati…

Russian cooperation crucial for resolving Ukraine’s crisis: EU official

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Reuters Top News – NEW YORK (Reuters) – Any peaceful resolution of Ukraine’s political turmoil must have Russia in the mix out of concern the two nations could descend into open warfare, European Commissioner for Ind…

Kerry: Anti-gay law complicates US-Uganda ties

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The Associated Press – WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has told Uganda’s president that the African nation’s new anti-gay law will complicate its relationship with America. In a statement Friday, Sta…

Jailed Venezuela protest leader mocks Maduro’s talks

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Reuters Top News – CARACAS (Reuters) – Imprisoned Venezuelan protest leader Leopoldo Lopez scoffed on Friday at President Nicolas Maduro’s efforts to open talks with opponents and businessman after a month of demonst…

Liberal Professor Slams Obama’s Use of Executive Orders

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Heritage Foundation – Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, warned yesterday that President Obama’s increasing use of executive power has placed the nation at a “constitutional tipping point….

Charles Krauthammer: ‘The Ukrainians – and I Think Everybody – Are Shocked by the Weakness of Obama’s Statements’ | Video

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TheBlaze – Syndicated columnist and political commentator Charles Krauthammer on Friday said President Barack Obama’s statement on the alleged Russian invasion of Crimea, Ukraine, was so weak it was “staggeri…

Ex-Murdoch British CEO Brooks paid official for Saddam anthrax story

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Reuters Top News – LONDON (Reuters) – Rebekah Brooks, the ex-chief executive of News Corp.’s British newspaper arm, told a London court on Friday she had paid a public official for a story about former Iraqi leader S…

Watch: CNN Reporter Confronts Mysterious Masked Gunmen Currently Occupying Crimea | Video

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TheBlaze – CNN reporter Diana Magnay bravely confronted some of the masked gunmen who are now patrolling the streets in Crimea, Ukraine. While officials in the country claim it is a Russian “occupation,” the …

Ukraine gets look at fugitive leader’s documents

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The Associated Press – KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainians are getting an unfiltered look at the opulent lifestyle and alleged machinations of fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych and his top officials from thousands of docu…

Couple That Found $10 Million in Gold Coins Will Have to Hand Over HOW MUCH in Taxes? | Video

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TheBlaze – A California couple that discovered $10 million worth of gold coins last year will have to pay nearly half that amount in federal and state income tax, regardless of whether they sell the coins. In…

Obamacare subsidies for people who don’t have Obamacare

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The Daily Caller – The Obama administration announced Thursday that states with faulty Obamacare enrollment websites will be able to “retroactively” give taxpayer subsidies to people who signed up for private insuran…

Senator Mike Lee Proposes Historic ‘Conservative Reform Agenda’ on 5th Anniversary of Tea Party

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Drew McKissick – At the Tea Party Patriot’s Five Year Anniversary celebration in Washington DC Thursday, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) gave a compelling address about the direction of the Tea Party. Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) …

The Obama economy is getting worse

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Jennifer Rubin – The Obama economy is getting worse By Jennifer Rubin February 28 at 2:28 pm More Comments President Obama at the White House on Feb. 25.(Alex Wong/Getty Images) Like the “Saturday Night Live” joke …

Sessions to GOP – Wave Goodbye to Wall Street

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The Daily Caller – Sen. Jeff Sessions says the GOP should wave goodbye to Wall Street, and bet on support from middle-class voters, including tens of millions of people earning $30,000 to $50,000. “The elites are fai…

IRS’s Targeting Of Conservatives Has Gotten Worse Since Scandal Broke « Pat Dollard

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Patrick Dollard – Excerpted from WSJ: Perhaps the biggest fiction of this past year was that the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups has been confronted, addressed and fixed. The opposite is true. The White House…

Who lost Ukraine?

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Jennifer Rubin – Who lost Ukraine? By Jennifer Rubin February 28 at 9:34 am More Comments The Post reports: “Several hundred armed men in green camouflage, without insignia and carrying military-style automatic rif…

Wanted: The Rule of Law

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National Review – What motivates people to demonstrate in central squares, day after day and week after week, against repressive regimes, at the risk of life and limb? It’s a question raised most recently by events …

Russia kinda-sorta invades Ukraine

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Human Events – One of the strangest acts of war in history is under way, as Russian troops – wearing uniforms without insignia – saunter across the border and take control of airports in the semi-independent Crim…

Morning Bits

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Jennifer Rubin – Morning Bits By Jennifer Rubin February 28 at 7:45 am More Comments You’d think they would have learned by now. “Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) told a gathering of Tea Party conservatives that those affili…

Krugman on the TPP

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Ben Domenech – The 2008-2009 financial crisis and Great Recession have vastly increased the power and scope of the Federal Reserve, and radically changed the financial landscape. This new ebook examines those cha…

It is time for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to step aside…he is not a leader, he is a bully

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Allison – It is time for Senator Harry Reid to relinquish his post as Senate Majority Leader….and if he does not, his fellow Democrats should shove him aside.  He is not leading.  He is just a bully.   Senat…

A Colorado Earthquake Shakes D.C.

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American Spectator – An earthquake hit Colorado politics on Wednesday afternoon, and the tremors are being felt in Washington, D.C. Rep. Cory Gardner, a second-term Republican from the small town of Yuma on Colorado’s …

Scott, Rubio boost sanctions push, bash Obama over Venezuela

Shared by – Gov. Rick Scott accused President Obama on Friday of “doing the wrong thing” by not quickly and vocally proposing sanctions against the government of Venezuela for suppressing protestors. Democrats…

Krauthammer’s Take: Obama Tells the World We Aren’t Going to Do Anything About Invasion of Ukraine

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DRUDGE REPORT – As reports are coming in that Russia has placed 2,000 troops in Crimea, within the borders of Ukraine, President Obama said that “the United States will stand with the international community in af…

Ukraine’s deposed leader blames the US for ‘gangster coup’ in defiant presser

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Canada Free Press – Ukraine’s deposed leader vowed to return to power and blamed the U.S. and other Western powers for a “gangster coup” during his first press conference since fleeing to Russia. “The disturbances and…

Miami makes bid for 2016 Democratic convention

Shared by – Our friends at the Miami Herald have the scoop on Miami announcing it will pursue a bid for the 2016 Democratic National Convention. We remember how much fun the 2012 Republican National Convention…

Jailed Venezuela protest leader mocks Maduro’s talks – Yahoo News

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DRUDGE REPORT – CARACAS (Reuters) – Imprisoned Venezuelan protest leader Leopoldo Lopez scoffed on Friday at President Nicolas Maduro’s efforts to open talks with opponents and businessman after a month of demonst…

The End of Reason

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kris – THE END OF REASON And Why “Utterly Irrational” is Dangerous Wayne Jett © December 17, 2011     America is occupied by ruling elite who have captured enormous amounts of capital by defrauding financ…

Against Complacency | National Review Online

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National Review – The Republican strategy for 2014, as far as we can tell, is to count on the unpopularity of President Obama and Obamacare, particularly in the red states where most Senate races are taking place, t…

Ukraine accuses Russia of ‘armed invasion’ after Crimea airports blockaded – Telegraph

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Andi Benghazi Silver – Ukraine’s interim president Oleksandr Turchynov responded on Thursday by declaring that any movement of Russian troops out of their Black Sea bases in Crimea “will be considered as military aggress…

Obama Warned Putin Tonight About Ukraine…….

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The Mad Jewess – Posted by davidbenmoshejtf in *MJ’s Make-Overs, *Ukraine embarrassment, lol, Obama Warned Putin Tonight About Ukraine……. What an embarrassment Obama is, a joke not just to the American people, …

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