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FINALLY! Sanity! Michael Savage Has The #Ukraine Situation NAILED.

I have been a Michael Savage fan since 1996.   Rarely is he wrong on these foreign issues.  I don’t know why so many “Conservative” people are supporting this.  Who ever knew that “Conservatives” would support Neo Nazis and Islamic militants?  You can’t be a Conservative and be pro-war in Ukraine when you know fully well we are 17 trillion in debt.  Many of you have not been following this situation, yet want to take me to task who HAS been following it since November 24.  I get sick of the constant undermining.  Go read my posts yourselves. I am sick of babying people:  *Ukraine


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So right, so right:

The Ukrainian “revolution” was fostered and encouraged by Nuland, Rice and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt. These three were instrumental in staging a destabilization campaign. Working with Ukrainian neo-Nazis, they fostered the Ukrainian uprising that has caused elected the Ukrainian president to flee from Kiev.


In the early stages of the rebellion, Ukrainian President Yanukovich met with the rebels staging the uprising, and the two parties agreed to stop the violence and make an orderly transition to a new government chosen in a new set of elections. Instead, the right-wing rebels ignored the agreement and took over Kiev by force, with their armed patrols maintaining control through violence.


The Ukrainian nationalists are fascists. Washington’s original purpose for staging a coup in Ukraine was to move Ukraine away from Russia and bring Ukraine into the European Union. In other words, the neocons and the bought-and-paid-for “moderates” in the Obama administration wanted to wrest control of Ukraine from Putin’s hands and gain economic and energy control over the country.

Spot on:

Putin is certainly not a good guy, but he is not the villain in this. The Jews have always been canaries in the coal mine of human rights in Russia, and Putin has been better to Russian Jews than any other Russian leader in the past century. With the elected government now driven out of Ukraine, the anti-Semitic U.S.-backed fascist thugs who have assumed control are vandalizing synagogues and threatening the lives of Jews in Crimea.

The four horsewomen of the apocalypse:

Putin is certainly not a good guy, but he is not the villain in this. The Jews have always been canaries in the coal mine of human rights in Russia, and Putin has been better to Russian Jews than any other Russian leader in the past century. With the elected government now driven out of Ukraine, the anti-Semitic U.S.-backed fascist thugs who have assumed control are vandalizing synagogues and threatening the lives of Jews in Crimea.

The four horsewomen of the apocalypse:

Obama hasn’t got a clue about what the conflict in the Ukraine means. Nuland and Rice, two of the four horsewomen of the apocalypse who seem to make so many critical decisions of this administration, told him to blame Putin, so that is what he did.   Now the Russian and Ukrainian people are at grave risk from the Ukrainian nationalists and Chechen Islamic jihadists into whose hands the U.S. has worked to place the fate of that country, and Putin has called on his allies to assist him in expanding his military presence around the world.


The greatest hypocrisy here comes from those who call for open borders with Mexico and amnesty for 30 million illegal aliens who have violated our territorial integrity. It is our own politicians and advisers – Sens. Dick Durbin, Lindsey Graham and John McCain, along with national security renegades like Zbigniew Brzezinski and Madeleine Albright – who have made our borders meaningless. Our foreign enemies are less to be feared than the American subversives who are orchestrating the takeover of Ukraine by pro-Islamist Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

Read more from Savage  here

I agree with Savage. The Crimea belongs to Russia, anyway. They have had it for hundreds of years, they fought the Crimean War against British invaders and lost hundreds of thousands of troops in defending it.   The Crimea never really spiritually belonged to Ukraine anyhow. They simply used it to extract fees from Russia for the naval port. The ethnic minorities in Crimea were oppressed by the Ukrainians and this is why they want autonomy and a military alliance with Russia.

Thank you Savage.  Now, I can have some true rest. I have been waiting for one voice that is familiar to me.

Some others who also know, but are Liberals (Yuck) –

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  • LadyImpactOhio

    Of course we were always sure obama and his minions orchestrated this. Trying to show the world he can throw his weight around.

    • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

      Sad part is Putin still has a couple trump cards left.. and Obama’s out of aces

  • scott swanke

    why did the dr sho w end abruptly on wmal 630

  • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess

    Thanks Grumpy, I LOVE that u have disqus!

  • M T

    To pretend, Ukraine’s new government is anti-Semitic is like accepting the charge, Tea Party is racist…

    • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

      There is a reason the Chief Rabbi of Kiev and Israeli are trying to get Jews out of Kiev, but don’t seem to worried about the Jews in Crimea

      • M T

        If anything threatens Jews in Ukraine, it is Russia-sponsored. As long as it helps Russia justify its invasion, they’ll defend Jews in Crimea while encouraging their flunkies to attack them in Kyiv. But there aren’t many such flunkies to encourage — anti-Semitism is a dirty word in Ukraine nowadays.

        The governments in both countries are not anti-Semitic. So is the populace in Ukraine. But not in Russia — numerous web-sites and even print magazines continue to blame Jews for the country’s problems and deny the Holocaust.

        Open your eyes. Russia is — was and remains — the evil empire. Ukraine (with its Ukrainians, Jews, Tatars, and even Russians) is just one of the victims.

        • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

          Unfortunately Obama seems to want to claim the evil empire crown for the United States. This makes the 4th time he’s used our tax money to provoke an insurrection.

          In Syria and Libya his freedom fighters are killing Christians and Jews at every opportunity. A similar situation existed in Egypt before the Egyptians tossed his Muslim Brotherhood buddies out on their butts. Under his leadership, the United States has become the worlds largest enabler of Christian persecution..

          Don’t forget that some of Obama’s biggest financier as well as many of his favorite mentors and professors are anti Semitic Jews..

          • M T

            Though I appreciate the change in the tone of your rhetorics — and the change of subject to Obama’s numerous flaws, the “#Ukraine Situation” is not about him.

            There were plenty of reasons for Ukrainians’ revolt, and to simply blame “the insurrection” on Obama is to disrespect the country.

            There is a genuine conflict there over whether to stay in Russia’s orbit or seek better integration with EU — and it has nothing to do with Obama (or the Jews). American Presidents come and go, but Putin remains. He — and the rest of Russia — consider the break-up of the USSR “the greatest tragedy of the 20th century”. If Putin manages to undo even some of it, if he brings Ukraine back into the fold — or even just takes over Crimea — his electorate will forgive him anything.

            One way to achieve this was to sabotage Ukraine’s own development — such as by helping corrupt and inefficient rulers get elected. Yanukovich was one such man — and would never have won, if he was not constantly praised on Russia’s TV-networks, which are broadcast in Ukraine.

            When Ukrainians — with or without US’ help — threw the bum out, Putin invaded the country.

            To view these events through the Jewish “prism” is as shallow as it gets. Take it from a Jew, who grew up in Kyiv.

          • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

            We know the administration pumped millions into the opposition, months before the rioting started.. In violation of the law.

            Putin reacted the same way we would if Russia were to help provoke and finance a coup in Mexico or Canada.

          • M T

            We know the administration pumped millions into the opposition, months before the rioting started

            Credibility of such statements would be helped by links…

            Putin reacted the same way we would if Russia were to help provoke and finance a coup in Mexico or Canada

            Would we really move in troops into Mexico or Canada and begin a “referendum” for the province of Quebec or the state of Guerrero to secede and join the USA?

            I don’t think so… Moreover, I’m quite certain, you don’t think so either. So quit being a Putin apologist already…

          • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

            Never said that.. I said if Russia provoked and financed civil unrest in in Canada or Mexico, and a resulting coup overthrew the legitimate government we would intervene.. I never suggested that we’d try to annex anything..

            I’m under now illusions about Russia or Russians, I’m a product of the Cold War Duck and Cover Days, and I served in the military. They’ve been my enemy for most of my life. However I’m under no illusions about the current administration either..

            As for the links, they’re in various posts all over this website

          • M T

            I never suggested that we’d try to annex anything.

            Oh yes, you did. When you wrote (emphasis mine):

            Putin reacted the same way we would

            Putin invaded Crimea and is organizing a “referendum” there, while pushing his own parliament (Duma) to make it easier to accept new members into Russian Federation. Ukraine’s soldiers and sailors in Crimea are being coerced — under the Russian guns — to betray their oath and declare loyalty to Russia and “Independent Crimea”. As a reward — and a reassurance — a Russian citizenship is offered to any traitors (in addition to money).

            So, Putin is trying to annex Crimea. And you did say, he reacted the same as we would’ve. Ergo, you must’ve meant, we’d try to annex pieces of Mexico or Canada.

            Or, more likely, this was just evidence of internal contradictions in your own set of opinions. The disease of blaming America for all the world’s ills while finding excuses for the world’s tyrants — so common on the Left — must be contagious enough to affect the weaker minds among Conservatives too…

            Russians believe, woman’s place is in the kitchen — making borsch. If you really are such a fan of Putin, perhaps, you should stick to your knitting and leave politics to those men and women, who can spot any inconsistencies in their views before a stranger publicly embarrasses them.

            The Crimea belongs to Russia, anyway. They have had it for hundreds of years

            Russia “has had” Ukraine for even longer. They also “have had” Finland, Poland, Georgia, and Armenia — to name just a few. Are you willing to go on shrugging your shoulders as Putin takes over all of those too? Or is this yet another internal inconsistency in your set of beliefs?

            Well, at least, it is no longer about Jews — what a relief.

            As for the links, they’re in various posts all over this website

            No, madam. You make a statement, you provide evidence — don’t send the opponent to dig it up for you. I tried to give some examples here.

          • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

            If you are going to start talking about women belonging in the kitchen, accusing people who disagree with you have weaker minds etc, I suggest you find another place to comment..

          • M T

            I’ve exposed you contradicting yourself at least once. Probably twice.

            If all you have to say about it is a complaint about my manners, then you really should not be partaking in public disputes — whatever the strengths of your mind.

          • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy


          • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess

            Good for you, these ones are paid operatives FOR REAL, Grumpy.

          • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess

            Your ‘manners?’

            Bah, you were born in a bar. and not from Kiev, what a LIAR.

            Since you’re KAPO-Juden, go join these guys who are with the ‘centre’ right and Svoboda, NAZIS.


          • M T

            Actually, it is good to see some crazy accusations and derogatory name-calling from the Conservatives too.

            Having observed such solely from the Illiberal side, I was becoming somewhat distraught over the years… Thank you for providing a modicum of balance.

            Please, don’t hate.

          • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess

            They voted to join RU.
            Tough shit.
            Deal with it.
            Or, what? Ya gonna burn more cities down you creep?

          • M T

            They voted to join RU.

            Crimea is yet to vote on joining Russian Federation (RF) — and it is rather doubtful, that the vote — under control of the armed invaders — will be in any way valid.

            Perhaps more importantly, such plebiscite is no more legal, than Southern Confederacy voting to become independent from the US. If France were to occupy Quebec — and hold a referendum there, would you accept the results? Chechnya voted for the same independence — from Russia — 20 years ago… The vote was near-anonymous despite there being no armed foreigners “overseeing” it. Was that valid — in Russia’s (or your) opinion?

            Ya gonna burn more cities down you creep?

            Why, Russia did just that with Chechen cities — did you lose your manners over that? But I doubt, Ukraine would resort to anything of the kind (even if it could).

          • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess

            RU/Putin is NOT an enemy to our country, they have not hurt Americans.
            Stop forcing what YOU want on American people.

            BTW: Yanukovych was not even pro-Russian. And, ANYONE that knows anything about this situation KNOWS that this was a
            COUP D’ETAT.

          • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess


          • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess

            Yeah right.
            You’re just a Bolshevik who hates Putin. Period.
            You hate him b/c hes pro Christian.
            My husbands family is also lived in Kiev.
            Nice try, Commie

          • M T

            You’re just a Bolshevik who hates Putin.

            Are you trolling? Bolsheviks love Putin… It is under him, that Stalin is enjoying a renaissance in Russia as a national hero…

            Meanwhile Ukraine’s revolutionaries have been overthrowing what few Bolshevik symbols remain — primarily Lenin’s statues.

          • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess

            A “Jew” who wants Svoboda…
            Get lost.

          • M T

            I don’t “want” the Svoboda party in Ukraine any more, than I want Democrats in the US. But neither are “nazis” and what role either ends up playing in their respective country ought to be determined by the country’s electorate — not by the foreign military.

            By changing the topic from Putin’s ongoing invasion to the “neo-Nazism” of Ukraine’s new government (even if the “neo-Nazism” weren’t imaginary), the Western Conservatives are helping Kremlin — much like the protesters of the Vietnam war were helping Viet Cong.

        • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess

          White House propaganda. Hollywood garbage.
          America is the one that has turned evil you moonbat.

          Ukraine has ALWAYS been anti semitic.

          Shut up with the White House talking points, you just CRAVE WW3 and a nuke war.

          Go join John McCain, hes with ya

          • M T

            Ukraine has ALWAYS been anti semitic.

            Yeah-yeah. And Tea Party has ALWAYS been racist… A very convenient sort of accusation — easy to throw, but hard to defend against.

            Actual Nazis, meanwhile, have “outed” Ukraine’s new government as “judes”, but your kind and theirs never argue with each other for some reason. It is decent people, who find themselves fighting both.

            Shut up with the White House talking points

            Grumpy actually blocked my access to this page (almost successfully) on the account of my manners. But, I guess, it is Ok to be impolite as long as you agree with the hostess…

          • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

            I really hate the idea of almost succeeding…

            As for the Mad Jewess, she’s a member of the site, an author and contributor.. came close to making her a mod so she could deal with you..

    • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess