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Senate defeats controversial Obama nominee to head DOJ’s civil rights division

As Allahpundit from PJ Media says in his report, it was probably a political accident, but the US Senate finally voted sanely on one of Obama nominees.   Debo Adegbile didn’t just defend cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, he’s also tried to make the case that because the murderer is black, he’s some kind of political prisoner.  The last thing we need is another racist running the DOJ’s Civil Rights division



PJ Media

Wait a sec. Didn’t Harry Reid nuke the filibuster for presidential appointees a few months ago? Why, indeed he did, which means Republicans had no hope of stopping this confirmation by themselves. They’d need at least six Democrats to cross the aisle to get to 51 no’s. And given how humiliating that would be for The One, no one expected it to happen. Joe Biden was apparently standing by in the chamber today to provide the 51st yes, just in case five Dems got cold feet and the final tally ended up 50/50.

Eight Democrats voted no, although Reid was among them only to preserve his ability to move to reconsider the nomination later if need be. Nomination defeated.


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