Zero Tolerance Is Ruining The Joy Of Childhood

Zero Tolerance Is Ruining The Joy Of Childhood

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10 year-old, Nathan Entingh, suspended for pointing finger as gun
10 year-old, Nathan Entingh, suspended for pointing finger as gun

Jay Caruso

Pocket full of Liberty

It’s difficult to find an issue that grates on my nerves more than “zero tolerance” policies in our public schools. As is the case with many bad policies, zero tolerance began with good intentions. Designed to bring about an end to school students taking drugs or bringing weapons to school, the policy has often been revealed to be a farce, often times punishing some poor child for doing things normal young kids do.

Despite all of the bad news we see on television, the fear mongering from gun grabbers about the “dramatic rise in mass shootings” (which is not true), and the sense of panic in the overall culture, the fact of the matter is that this is the safest we have been in 40 years. Yet our society behaves as though every gesture is somehow a preface to the bloody violence that will come unless we “do something about it.”

For those of you more advanced in years, as I am, think about those times when you were a kid and played some form of a game with your friends that involved guns. Whether it was […]


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  • bobmontgomery

    Will the madness stop when a student takes a cell phone pic of a teacher pointing at a student and the parents demand that that teacher be suspended or fired?

    • You know.. I’ll bet some of the students in that school have seen that Principal point her fingers at people..

  • merleliz

    “Zero tolerance” perfectly describes the mindset of the left. Anything not forbidden is compulsory. All they have managed to do is to prove to the children under their care that they don’t have a lick of common sense.

    Was his finger loaded? If he had pointed all ten fingers would that be regarded as an assault weapon? If he had pointed his finger at his own head…would they have arrested him for attempted suicide?

    Who was Obama threatening to kill here?

    • Love it.. sure would be nice if several thousand people emailed that picture to Devonshire Alternative Elementary School Principal Patricia Price along with your question “Who was Obama threatening to kill here?”

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